All Servant Routes In Fate Extra

nero from fate extra

Before there was Fate Grand Order, there was Fate Extra, a game that focused on the main character Hakuno waking up in a mysterious dimension. Filled with dangerous enemies, they must find their way through this labyrinth to collect the prize that may just be the key to getting home. Their companion on this journey is one of three selectable servants, each one with very different personalities. This is all the possible servant routes in Fate Extra.

Nero Claudius

Nero from Fate Extra

As the Saber, Nero is very much the hero’s route here. As the former Emperor of Rome, she’s egotistical, self-centered, and vain, but not at all evil as she was in life. She’s brave, strong, and has the biggest heart of gold you can find in any character. There is no other character in this class that has a truer definition of Saber than Nero.

Tamamo No Mae

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tamamo from fate grand order

Tamamo is a Caster servant, meaning her attacks are all magic based. She’s very much like a fox, being a sneaky trickster who is good at having a pokerface. She adores her master very much and loves romance. There is truly no servant who will be more loyal to you. Her backstory is quite sad, but now as a spirit, she gets another chance to live life.


Archer from Fate Extra

You may know Archer from the Fate Stay Night series. His lore goes pretty deep, having had unique circumstances that turned him into a servant. He’s what one can consider is the antiheros route. Despite that, Archer strives to be a hero of justice for people and will absolutely always put the needs of people over his own. The reason that he’s considered the anti-hero is because he’s willing to go above the law to get what he feels is justice.

No matter which servant you choose, each of their stories will reflect the magical writing of Nasu’s universe!

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All Servant Routes In Fate Extra


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