All Recipes in the Twisted Wonderland Culinary Crucible Beaning of Life Event

lilia and jade from twisted wonderland

The current event in Twisted Wonderland puts your cooking skills to the test as you prepare dishes for the residents of Night Raven College. Will it be a kitchen nightmare or a culinary dream? To make it easier for you, we’ve posted the recipes from the event, as they all require a specific ingredient algorithm. These are all the recipes in the Twisted Wonderland Culinary Crucible Beaning of Life Event.

How To Get Ingredients

The dishes from the Culinary Crucible in Twisted Wonderland.

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To collect the ingredients, what you have to do is send your characters to different sections to gather them. Each one has different ingredients.

  • Botanical Garden – Subtropical Zone: Beans
  • Botanical Garden: Onion, Potato, Bitter Melon
  • Farm: Meant, Bacon, Milk

Those first three will be available to you right away but the second two are locked until you get certain amounts of event currency. The Windmill will unlock when you get 50 Culinary Crucible Tokens and the School Store will unlock with 150 Tokens.

  • Windmill: Flour, Sugar, Pasta
  • School Store: Spices, Egg, Garlic

The quality of the ingredients will affect the score you get from judges when cooking. The higher your skill, the better quality your dish will be.

All the Recipes In The Event in Twisted Wonderland

  • Tofu Hamburger Steak – Beans, Meat, Onion, Egg, Flour
  • Sauteed Pea Shoots With Garlic – Beans, Bacon, Garlic
  • Erwtensoep – Beans, Meat, Onion, Potato
  • Minestrone – Beans, Bacon, Onion, Potato, Tomato
  • Baked Beans – Beans, Tomato, Sugar
  • Pea Shoot Pasta – Beans, Bacon, Milk, Pasta
  • Hummus – Beans, Garlic
  • Bitter Melon Stir Fry – Beans, Meat, Bitter Melon, Egg
  • Chili con Carne – Beans, Meat, Onion, Tomato, Spices

For each dish that you successfully cook with a three-star rating, you’ll get 20 Culinary Crucible Tokens. Once you cook every dish successfully, you’ll get 50 Culinary Crucible Tokens. When you’ve cooked 10 dishes correctly, you’ll earn 10 gems. You’ll get another 10 when you make 20, when you make 40, and when you make 70.

Cook the dishes properly and you can earn many tokens to purchase things in the event shop! The Culinary Crucible Beaning of Life runs until September 5th, so start playing today!

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All Recipes in the Twisted Wonderland Culinary Crucible Beaning of Life Event


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