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All Rampage Weapons Ranked in Monster Hunter Rise

Are rampage weapons still a thing in base Monster Hunter Rise?

Rampage weapons are fairly strong weapons that you can tailor to your specific needs during hunts. Each weapon makes use of the “Ramp Up System,” which allows players to upgrade them with specific buffs that they prefer. Considering that there are 14 different weapons in the game, this article aims to tackle the ranking of all Rampage Weapons in Monster Hunter: Rise depending on their potential during hunts.

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Rampage Weapons Tier List

S-Tier List

Monster Hunter Sunbreak Malzeno
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  • Rampage Bow (Bow) – One of the best bows for all elements, with the Nargacuga Bow being slightly better. It has the widest array of skills including Fire Spread, Rapid, or pierce arrows in any element.
  • Rampage H. Bowgun (Heavy Bowgun) – Best heavy bowgun before Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. It allows more comfortable hunts for players due to their Sticky/Cluster skill. If you’re the type of hunter who mainly wants to sit back and watch monsters explode, Rampage Heavy Bowgun will be your best bet during your base playthrough of Monster Hunter: Rise.
  • Rampage Twinblades (Dual Blades) – Rampage Twinblades allow you to imbue a secondary element to your blade. Although this is not ideal, it still allows players to balance their elemental damage. Regardless, you can imbue the same elemental affinities for even more damage. You have to build around elemental affinity and critical damage to make full use of the Rampage Twinblades, however, you could also use the blast element, especially during Rampage hunts.

A-Tier List

Monster Hunter Rise Goss Harag
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  • Rampage Agitato (Hunting Horn) – One of the best features of Rampage Agitato is being heavily customizable. It’s one of the best solo Hunting Horn weapons in base Monster Hunter: Rise. The best melody to use for this weapon is the Attack Melody II which includes a boost in attack and affinity plus buffs such as tremor negation and sonic waves.
  • Rampage C. Blade (Charge Blade) – The Rampage C. Blade can be a bag of mixed opinions from fans that are Charge Blade mains. However, there have been many tests that it can outperform a Rajang Charge Blade when spamming SAED (Super Amped Elemental Discharge). If you’re looking to gain additional offensive power outside of the usual ones you use on the Charge Blade, then Rampage C. Blade offers a lot in the base game.
  • Rampage Gunlance (GunLance) – Rampage Gunlance competes with the top Gunlance weapons. The Rampage Gunlance offers a lot and is arguably one of the best base weapons due to its high flexibility, adaptability, and very good stats. With the variety of playstyles that this weapon offers, you’ll surely be ready to adapt to any hunts.

B-Tier List

Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalos
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  • Rampage Sword (Sword and Shield) – The main reason why we put the Rampage Sword in the B-tier list is that it’s only good for one thing, and that’s raw and water damage. There’s no reason to build a Rampage Sword other than its non-elemental and its water as it’s easily outclassed by other weapons like the Nargacuga and the Tigrex SNS in the weapon tree.
  • Rampage Blade (Long Sword) – Similar to the SNS, the Rampage Blade doesn’t hold up well when it comes to other elemental aspects of the weapon. It only excels with EFR (effective raw) as it has one of the best raw damage in the long sword tree. If you want to make the Rampage Blade viable, you can use these skills Attack IV/Non-Elemental Boost/Affinity Surge.
  • Rampage Cleaver (Great Sword) – The Rampage Great Sword is a solid option if you’re a GS main. The only drawback that it has is that the Nargacuga is easier to build. However, in terms of damage, it basically tied with the Nargacuga GS without the level 2 decoration slot. But nonetheless, this is still a solid GS to go for in the base game.
  • Rampage Hammer (Hammer) – Rampage Hammer is mostly a good and viable alternative to the Abominable Hammer for its ice elemental damage. The biggest drawback of this weapon is its sharpness, although you could argue that you can go for sharpness decorations, we’d reckon that it isn’t worth it because you could have used that slot to increase its attack or any other buffs for hammer builds.
  • Rampage Slicer (Switch Axe) – Many community members consider this weapon to be a sidegrade to Tigrex Switch Axe in terms of EFR. Like the Rampage Hammer, the main caveat with the Rampage Slice is its inferior sharpness. Though the Tigrex Switch Axe has better CC uptime with its paralysis, the Rampage Slicer is still a good alternative if you’re having a hard time farming for Tigrex materials.

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C-Tier List

Monster Hunter Rise, 2 Hunters and one using wirebug
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  • Rampage Glaive (Insect Glaive) – The Rampage Glaive is one of the worst weapons in the Rampage trees. It’s significantly worse than Nargacuga Glaive, with terrible sharpness and lower affinity to match. It also has a lower kinsect buildup, which, if you’re an Insect Glaive main, you wouldn’t appreciate having a slower buildup than normal. The only reason this isn’t in D-tier is that you can run paralyze/sleep builds on this weapon, while the Nargacuga Glaive can’t.

D-Tier List

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  • Rampage L. Bowgun (Light Bowgun) – The Rampage Light Bowgun has you running for its worth due to the fact that it can’t compete with any other weapon that you can get at any point in the game. Initially, it should have been the best with RF Shrapnel 2 but Teostra has it beat even in that aspect. Lastly, you could only use Rapid Fire Sticky 1 which is arguably useless, unless you’re trying to manage your ammo.
  • Rampage Spear (Lance) – Lastly, the Rampage Spear is the worst Rampage Weapon because it does everything that a Tigrex Lance does, but absolutely worse. You can only get Sharpness one, non-elemental boost, and affinity. All of this coupled with the bad sharpness level will result in -30 affinity or so, meaning that even a Diablos Lance can outclass this Rampage Weapon.

Note that Rampage Weapons are useful up until early level Master Rank. Later levels require you to upgrade to a different weapon tree because Rampage Weapons do not scale to MR. Plus, it just wouldn’t make sense lore-wise!


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All Rampage Weapons Ranked in Monster Hunter Rise

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