All Plague Inc Disease Types Listed


Plague Inc is a single player sim game where a player’s job is to rid the world of humans using one of 11 types of diseases. Although it may sound horrific, it is a really addictive and fun game full of strategy and important decision making. Developers Ndemic Creations created Plague Inc to include the complex realities of real-life epidemics, using an understanding of how they spread around the world. As mentioned above, there are actually 11 different types of diseases to choose from in Plague Inc so let’s find out about them in our guide ‘All Plague Inc Disease Types Listed!

Every Disease in Plague Inc

The types of diseases in Plague Inc range from the simple to the more complex. All are available to unlock for free by playing the game, but if you cannot wait they can also be purchased through the in-app store.

Plague Inc World Map (via Ndemic Creations)

Each disease acts differently to another, with pros and cons in each choice. Here is a list of every disease type in Plague Inc right now:

1BacteriaMost common type. Versatile. Has a lot of potential.
2VirusMutates rapidly and can be difficult to control. Increase of gene mutations guaranteed.
3FungusFungal spores do not travel without help. Works best in humid countries.
4ParasiteHigh starting severity. DNA alteration prevented from every day infection.
5PrionA more subtle disease that lies in the brain. Slows cure research but also kills slower.
6Nano-VirusMicroscopic microbio machine with built-in kill-switch. Can replicate itself.
7Bio-WeaponExtremely lethal. Engineered by humans and released by lab accidentally. Best started in rich countries.
8Neurax WormBurrows into the brain, exercises mind control. Can enslave humanity and force them to worship it.
9Necroa VirusExtreme regenerative abilities. Reanimates human corpses. Basically a zombie virus. Zombies cannot be cured.
10Simeon FluBased on Rise of the Planet of the Apes virus. High chance of mutation.
11Shadow PlagueTriggers a thirst for blood. Creates Vampires who then kill humans. Like the Neurax Worm, can win game by enslaving humanity.

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Each new type of disease can be unlocked by completing the previous diseases in Main Mode. Alternatively they can be purchased in the in-app store for around $1.99 each.

Those are all 11 diseases currently in Plague Inc. Next, why not see where it is best to start each disease on its rampage across the globe? Good luck!

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All Plague Inc Disease Types Listed


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