All New Nexomon in Nexomon Extinction Abyssals DLC


Nexomon: Extinction is an exciting monster-catching game where you can encounter lots of different creatures called Nexomon. The project received some interesting content updates and one of the most exciting among them is the Abyssals DLC. It features new creatures that you can catch and you may want to know about them. So, this guide will tell you about all new Nexomon in Nexomon: Extinction Abyssals DLC.

List of New Nexomon in Nexomon: Extinction Abyssals DLC

There are lots of cool games that allow you to collect different creatures and one of the most popular among them is called Nexomon: Extinction. It features a huge roster of these Nexomon and you may want to catch them all.

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The Abyssals DLC for Nexomon: Extinction adds some new creatures. So, you may want to know the full list of them and we are going to help you. Here are all new Nexomon in Nexomon: Extinction Abyssals DLC:

  • Abbadog – Ultra Rare
  • Arctivore – Ultra Rare
  • Bogarp – Ultra Rare
  • Broshield – Ultra Rare
  • Columbra – Ultra Rare
  • Felicient – Ultra Rare
  • Ferodile – Ultra Rare
  • Froppe – Ultra Rare
  • Hurristag – Ultra Rare
  • Kromatice – Ultra Rare
  • Lycopain – Ultra Rare
  • Mistralion – Ultra Rare
  • Raamu – Ultra Rare
  • Resonect – Ultra Rare
  • Torrex – Ultra Rare
  • Trondle – Ultra Rare
  • Vaprat – Ultra Rare
  • Voltosfere – Ultra Rare
  • Weavolt – Ultra Rare
  • Wiselie – Ultra Rare
  • Bedam – Ultra Rare
  • Carnagrius – Ultra Rare
  • Prismazor – Ultra Rare
  • Jeeta – Ultra Rare
  • Gemeen – Ultra Rare
  • Maraudin – Ultra Rare
  • Tephragon – Ultra Rare
  • Frominence – Ultra Rare
  • Mandrass – Ultra Rare
  • Luhava – Legendary
  • Hexia – Legendary
  • Krowr – Legendary
  • Ogoon – Legendary
  • Agita – Legendary
  • Anima – Legendary
  • Fulmina – Legendary
  • Gurgita – Legendary
  • Helovolk – Legendary
  • Volcel – Legendary
  • Caelesa – Legendary
  • Pluvean – Legendary
  • Inominox – Legendary
  • Rotramus – Legendary
  • Kroma – Legendary
  • Braccus – Legendary
  • Venefelis – Legendary

These are all new Nexomon in the Abyssals DLC. Hopefully, this guide will help you to find the creatures you want to catch. Good luck with your journey in Nexomon: Extinction!

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All New Nexomon in Nexomon Extinction Abyssals DLC


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