All New Features in eFootball Mobile 2022


Konami has finally released the highly anticipated update of its acclaimed video game franchise eFootball 2022 on mobile devices. The update was released on May 29th on the respective App stores on mobile but a server maintenance meant the game remained unplayable until June 2nd.

While it’s not exactly a complete package, the new eFootball Mobile 2022 update comes with a couple of interesting features that should’ve been added to the game years ago. Anyhow, it’s nice to finally have them and in this article, we’ll be stating some of the features in eFootball Mobile 2022.

Here are the Major Features in eFootball Mobile 2022

New Interface / UI Structure


For players who’ve been playing the game since 2017 when PES Mobile 17 was launched, they’d know that after four years of updates, the new interface in eFootball 2022 is a breath of fresh air. It has a mixture of various colors which is mostly blue and yellow. And it’s no surprise since that’s like the signature color for eFootball even on console and PC.

They’ve done away with the Ball Colours


Remember how the former updates labeled the best players as those in the Black ball category, then Golden ball, Silver ball, and Bronze? Well in this new update, that’s no longer the case. Players are all seen as equal with no form of superiority attached to any of them. A player with 95 OVR has no form of label that places him in a different category compared to a player with 75 or 80 OVR.

Legend Difficulty


We first got to experience this in PES Mobile 2018 when an event introduced the Legend difficulty for the first time. It was so challenging for the majority of players that Konami decided to remove it from future updates. However, the Legend difficulty is back in eFootball Mobile 2022 and it’s as difficult as it was, if not more difficult.

AI defenses are tighter, Goalkeepers are better and the referees are unlikely to award easy fouls to you. So the Legend difficulty is a fine challenge for players who no longer find Superstar difficulty challenging.

Player Signing has been added


This was probably one of the most requested features in the mobile version of eFootball. In the previous updates, you can’t sign a particular player you want, at least not easily. You’d have to go through scouts, participate in auctions or keep buying random spins in hopes of getting that player.

In this new version, however, you can now sign a particular player and the best part is that you don’t even need to use coins. You’ll be using GP, the blue-colored currency instead to sign your favorite players. The best players, of course, tend to be quite expensive and scale past a million GP but you can still get yourself a good deal with other world-class players that don’t even cost half a million GP.

New Manager Features


You no longer need to sign different Managers to enjoy a variety of formations. Now with a single Manager, you can enjoy many types of formations with a single tap. Signing of Managers has also been slightly made easier but doesn’t contain some of the popular real-life Managers we know just yet.

Player Contracts


Previous updates let you renew player Contracts by Matches played, which allows a player to play 10 more matches in your team. In the new update, this has been changed to days. So if you use a contract renewal in eFootball Mobile 2022, instead of adding 10 more matches as it formerly would, it now adds about 60 days to the player’s availability on your team. This is pretty cool and you can extend this however you want, even up to 365 days.

Slight in-game Graphics Changes


Although there weren’t any major changes to the gameplay and graphics, Konami did add a couple of features that sort of expanding on what’s already there. The goal celebration for instance now has a third button that allows a player to celebrate based on the type of goal they scored. There’s also a preview that shows players leaving the pitch at half-time as well as a preview that shows players shaking hands and hugging at full time.


Most parts of the gameplay mechanics remain the same. Player movements have been improved a little bit and tackling and interceptions have become more solid in the new update.

Cross-platform and Controller Support?

As aforementioned, this isn’t the complete package as Konami has promised that the game will support cross-platform as well as controller support, both of which are currently nowhere to be seen in the game. The developers have reported that these features will make their way to the game in future updates and we’ll just have to keep our hands folded and await further announcements.


Ultimately, eFootball Mobile 2022 isn’t all that bad. There are still many new features that were added that we simply cannot list in a single article. Some users have complained of having compatibility issues which the developers may fix in the future, but the game runs great on supported high-end devices.

The interface is cleaner, scrolling is smoother and the new commentary is very indulging as well. The total size of eFootball Mobile 2022 is about 4.7GB + commentary. So be sure to have about 5-6gb of free space before installing the game.

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All New Features in eFootball Mobile 2022


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