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All Legendary Locations in Nexomon: Extinction

All Legendary Locations in Nexomon: Extinction
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Legends tell of Nexomon so powerful that their very presence must be kept a secret to avoid disaster. Sounds pretty badass honestly! Completing the main story of Nexomon: Extinction proves that you’re strong enough to go after the legendary Nexomon. Today, we’ll show you all legendary locations in Nexomon: Extinction!

Greater Drakes

Once you’ve completed the main story and defeated Vados, you’ll have access to the endgame content, most of which involves hunting down the legendary Nexomon. The first set of legendary Nexomon you can get are the Greater Drakes, which are acquired through the secret vaults.

Before you can start hunting the Greater Drakes, you’ll need to get their respective tributes from the secret vaults. There’s a Drake and tribute for every element in the game, and if you need help finding the vaults, please check out our guide on every vault and tribute location in Nexomon: Extinction.

Once you have the tributes, you can go after the Greater Drakes. They are in the following locations:

  • Drake of Fire: North of Ignitia – Tyrant Bones
  • Drake of Water: Frozen Tundra Base to City – Tyrant Skeleton
  • Drake of Nature: Khan Woods North – East
  • Drake of Wind: Drake Isles – Northern Ruin
  • Drake of Stone: Desert – North of entrance
  • Drake of Thunder: Palmaya Surroundings – Southeast path off intersection
  • Drake of Decay: East of Immortal Citadel – East from intersection
  • Drake of Mind: Immortal Citadel – Northwest from the city in the windy dirt area
  • Drake of Power: Outlands – Spencer’s Manor

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Primordial Tyrants

Upon defeating Vados, you can talk to someone in the Tamer’s Guild in Parum City on the third floor. Logan explains to you that there may be a way to revive ancient Nexomon, but first he’ll need special blueprints. You can find the blueprints for the Resurrection Machine in Nexolord Tower.

Once Logan builds you the Resurrection Machine, you’ll need to find the correct spot to summon the Nexomon, along with 25 shards of its matching element. You can look for the Tyrants in the following spots once you have the shards:

  • Fenrir: South of Ignitia – Fire Shrine
  • Nadine: Drake Isles East – Shrine
  • Merida: Palmaya Surroundings – South from intersection
  • Zetta: Cadium – President’s mansion
  • Grunda: Desert Cursed Cave – B2 north
  • Deena: Hidden Village – Northwest of the Hidden Village

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Roaming Tyrants

Additional Tyrants are released after the defeat of Vados, and unlike the other legendary Nexomon, these guys are a little harder to track down. These Tyrants like to roam around in a region that matches their element, but they’re never in one specific spot at all times. You’ll have to fight random battles in their respective regions until you happen upon them, so be warned—this process may take some time!

  • Bolzen: Cadium region (outdoors and indoors)
  • Byeol: Palmaya region
  • Darine: Anywhere!
  • Eurus: Drake Isles region (outdoors only)
  • Fane: Haunted Woods region (outdoors only)
  • Mulcimer: Ignitia region (outdoors and caves)
  • Nivalis: Frozen Tundra region (outdoors and indoors/caves)
  • Petram: Desert region (outdoors and caves)
  • Tikala: Khan Woods (outdoors and caves)
  • Titan: Anywhere!
  • Ziegler: Anywhere!

Those are all the legendary Nexomon in Nexomon: Extinction. If you have any other tips for hunting these guys down, let us know in the comments below!

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All Legendary Locations in Nexomon: Extinction


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