All Known Bounty Hunters in Star Wars: Hunters Listed

Bounty Hunters in Star Wars- Hunters

In the upcoming Star Wars: Hunters, you take on the role of Bounty Hunters, heroes of the Rebellion. The game takes place after the downfall of the Galactic Empire, where you compete with other players in real-time 4v4 matches. There are many different Bounty Hunters to choose from, each with their own abilities and weapons. This article lists all the Bounty Hunters in Star Wars: Hunters that have been announced so far; expect this list to grow when the game comes out next year.

All Known Bounty Hunters in Star Wars: Hunters Listed

In a recent gameplay trailer, the developers showed off the game and gave us a look at the different Bounty Hunters that you can play as. Here are all the known Bounty Hunters coming in Star Wars: Hunters:

  • Imara Vex – A masked and mysterious bounty hunter seen unleashing a barrage of rockets.
  • Grozz –  Ferocious Wookiee who can rip a boulder from the floor to wield at enemies.
  • J-3DI – Droid that thinks he’s a Jedi and employs a deadly lightsaber spin move.
  • Sentinel – A heavy Imperial gunner that calls in reinforcements.
  • Slingshot – A droideka and Ugnaught combo that makes good use of a shield.
  • Rieve – A lightsaber-wielding (and throwing) dark-side warrior.
  • Zaina – Rebel hero who cheers on her squad.
  • Utooni –  pair of Jawa brothers that stand on each other’s shoulders to wreak havoc, with the skill to quickly assemble a scrap cannon.

Star Wars: Hunters will be free to download on the Nintendo Switch, App Store, and Google Play in 2022.

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All Known Bounty Hunters in Star Wars: Hunters Listed


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