Bravely Default II

To increase the Job Level cap in Bravely Default II, you will have to win some rather difficult boss battles, which are located inside the Halls of Tribulation. If you have had some trouble with the Asterisk Holder battles in the main story, you should prepare to be really challenged by these optional battles, as not only you will have to fight all of the Asterisk Holders again, but also in new groupings that make each of them even more deadly than before

Here’s where to find the seven Halls of Tribulation in Bravely Default II.

All Hall of Tribulation Portals Locations In Bravely Default II

Portal 1

The first portal is located outside of Halcyonia. Head from there to Holograd until you spot some rocks and trees to the right of the path. This portal becomes accessible once you have unlocked the Bravebearer Job.

In this portal, you will fight the Bravebearer Sloan, the Black Mage Emma and the Bastion Lonsdale.

Portal 2

The second portal is also close to Halcyonia. Precisely, it is to the east of Halcyonia, near a cliff that faces the sea.

In this portal, you will fight the Beastmaster Anihal, the Bard Orpheus, the Gambler Shirley and the Thief Bernard.

Portal 3

The third Hall of Tribulation portal is found near Savalon. Head to the northeast of the city while keeping close to the coast and you should be able to spot it without any issue.

In this portal, you will face the Salvemaker Glenn, the Shieldmaster Galahad and the Swordmaster Gladys.

Portal 4

The fourth portal can be found to the northeast of Wiswald. Just walk alongside the coast and you should find the portal near a cliff.

For this Hall of Tribulation, you will have to defeat the Dragoon Martha, the Spiritmaster Helio and the Oracle Domenic.

Portal 5

The fifth portal is located to the east of Rimedhal. It is exactly to the east of the two, so make sure to walk alongside the coast to reach the eastern limit of the continent and spot the portal.

Inside this portal, you will fight the Berserker Castor, the Pictomancer Folie and the Arcanist Viginitio.

Portal 6

Like the fifth portal, the sixth Hall of Tribulation portal is located near Rimedhal. To reach it, head to the West of the town, and follow the coast until you reach the northwestern tip of the continent. The portal is right there.

In this portal, you will fight the Hellblade Adam, the Phantom Marla and the Monk Morton.

Portal 7

The seventh and final Hall of Tribulation portal is located to the West of Holograd. Navigate the land until you reach a point that is exactly to the west of the town, near the coast.

In this portal, you will have to fight the Red Mage Roddy, the Vanguard Dag, the White Mage Selene and the Ranger Lily.

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