All Haki Colors Locations in Blox Fruits


Blox Fruits is one of the Roblox games based on famous anime, namely One Piece. Players will be able to use the powers of different Fruits to complete tasks and fight different enemies. The game also has many cosmetic items that can be found in certain locations. And in this guide, we will tell you about all the locations of Haki Colors in Blox Fruits.

All Haki Colors Locations

While surfing the seas in Blox Fruits, you might come across different Haki Colors. This is a cosmetic item that changes the outline of your character. And then you will find out all the locations of the Master of Enhancement who sells these Haki Colors.

The first location is in the Ice Castle. You can walk to it, or use Light for example. The second way will be much faster. At the entrance, you have to climb the left wall, and there you can find a dealer.

Next, you must go to Snow Mountain. Head down to the water and find the Ship Dealers. This is where the NPC with Haki Colors will spawn.

The third location is on Hot and Cold Island. There you will find a building where Smoke Admiral will spawn. And on the roof of this building, you can get Haki Color.

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Then you must go to the Cursed Ship. Go through the black door and reach the hall. Under the right stairs, you will find a store with Haki Color.

After that, you can check out the Green Zone. This is an island with huge plants. NPCs with Haki Colors can spawn on the dock.

These were the places where the players met the Master of Enhancement. However, there are also unconfirmed locations where he can spawn. And here is a short list of them:

  • Port Town
  • Floating Turtle
  • Hydra Island
  • Castle on the Sea
  • Great Tree

Now you know where to look for the Master of Enhancement. Check all these locations, you can get Haki Colors. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to get the Holy Crown.

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All Haki Colors Locations in Blox Fruits


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