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All Endings in Killer Frequency

All Endings in Killer Frequency
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Killer Frequency puts innocent lives in your hands, as a murderous maniac is on the loose in the once peaceful town of Gallows Creek, and their survival depends on your guidance. Some of the townsfolk may survive through the night, whereas others might not be so lucky. Killer Frequency has multiple endings, and the one you get is determined by who makes it through the night. Here are all endings in Killer Frequency.

How to see all endings in Killer Frequency

There are three endings to Killer Frequency. The two main factors that play into what ending you get are how many callers survived the night, and your final actions during the interview with the Whistling Man.

The good, the bad and the... worst (ending)

1. How to get the good ending in Killer Frequency

In order to get the good ending to Killer Frequency, you must ensure that all callers survive the night, including Peggy and Teddy at the end. Be sure to check out our guide on how to save everyone in Killer Frequency for detailed instructions.

During the final interview with the Whistling Man, make sure to grab the birthday card off of Peggy’s desk. This proves that Peggy never forgot Marie, which causes Marie to hesitate long enough for Leslie and the rest of the police to show up.

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2. How to get the bad ending in KIller Frequency

To get the bad ending to Killer Frequency, you can only let a few callers die through the night. During the interview with the Whistling Man, do not pick up the birthday card.

When Forrest starts to wonder, “Is there any way I can prove Peggy didn’t forget Marie?”, simply stand still and do nothing. After a few seconds, Marie kills Peggy on the spot.

Now past the mental point of no return, Marie orders Henry (the Whistling Man inside the KFAM office) to kill Forrest. With Forrest trapped in Peggy’s booth, Henry easily corners him and stabs him to death, ending the game on a grisly note.

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3. How to get the worst ending in Killer Frequency

Yes, there is an ending that is worse than the bad ending. To get the absolute worst ending, every single caller has to die by the end of the night. Of course, this does not include the story-related callers that are unaffected by your choices. Also, choosing the snarky responses whenever a caller meets their untimely end might also push you towards this ending.

This ending plays out pretty similar to the bad ending, but this time around, you do not even get the chance to reason with Marie, as her dialogue is much more sinister. Peggy is dead as soon as the final interview starts, and Henry kills Forrest, just like in the bad ending.

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All Endings in Killer Frequency