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Killer Frequency Walkthrough – How to Save everyone

Learn how to save every single caller from the Whistling Man in Killer Frequency.

A dangerous serial killer is on the loose in the quiet town of Gallows Creek, and it is up to you to guide the townspeople to safety through radio calls. Your words and instructions can be the difference between life and death. No pressure, right? For those who cannot bear losing anyone, here is how to save everyone in our Killer Frequency walkthrough.

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How to save every caller in Killer Frequency

The chilling events of Killer Frequency happens entirely in one night, so each section of the game is separated by time windows. Our walkthrough starts with the callers from midnight, going all the way to the end at 3 AM.

One thing to note is that we list only the dialogue responses that matter. If you do not see a group of responses listed, then that means that they do not change the outcome of the situation, so feel free to pick anything.

12:00 AM callers

Saving Leslie & Deputy Martinez

The opening bit of 12 AM serves as a tutorial to the game, so most of your responses here do not matter. Once you are contacted by Leslie, she will need your assistance with rescuing Deputy Martinez, so choose the options below.

  1. Find another set of keys?
  2. Check Sherriff Matthews?
  3. Lock the doors!
  4. Take a police cruiser!
  5. Take Sheriff Matthew’s Gun?
  6. Can you see any other weapons?
  7. Take the taser
  8. Leslie? What’s happening?
  9. Drive!

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Saving Sandra

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The initial responses to Sandra do not matter, so just keep going until she tells you she will call you back. Head out in the hallway, and then enter the bathroom. In the first stall, there is a magazine on the floor, so pick it up and turn it over for hot key instructions. Bring the magazine to your desk, then hit the button to talk to Peggy.

  1. Put the screwdriver into ignition and twist clockwise.
  2. Unscrew the steering column.
  3. Do your jazz breathing. Don’t panic.
  4. What’s the serial number on the steering column?
  5. Strip and twist together the red and yellow wires.
  6. Strip the purple wire and brush against the twisted wires!

12:42 AM callers

Saving Maurice

Maurice phones in from the local newspaper office and requests your help. He sends you a fax that shows a layout of the office, so head to the desk and grab the fax. Place the fax on your desk, then get ready to save a life.

  1. Call the editor’s office.
  2. Go to the kitchen.
  3. Can you lock him in a room?
  4. Use a radio?
  5. Maurice, turn the volume down!
  6. Call the board room.
  7. I’m sure. Make the call.
  8. I’ll impersonate Mr. Russell.
  9. Hide in your cabinet.

Once Maurice is in the cabinet, you are prompted with another set of responses. Do not say anything while Maurice is hiding—be patient and let the timer run out. Peggy speaks up when it is safe to talk.

01:04 AM callers

Saving Virginia

  1. Call a neighbor?
  2. Don’t worry…

Peggy suggests heading down to the kitchen, so grab the key from her. Head downstairs and unlock the door, then make your way to the kitchen. Grab the pizza box from the trash can, and bring it back to your desk. Talk to Peggy when you are ready.

  1. Call Ponty’s Pizza.
  3. Garlic bread!
  4. This is Forrest.

Plunker does not believe that you are a radio host, so play “The Flow” for him to prove your credentials, then answer line 2.

Saving Eugene

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After the initial call with Eugene, dead downstairs again and fish out the Maize Maze map inside the blue trash can. Eugene was waiting for his supposed date to meet him in the maze, but unfortunately, the Whistling Man has come to ruin his night.

  1. Go left!
  2. Go backwards!
  3. Go left!
  4. Go right!
  5. Go right!

01:49 AM callers

Saving Murphy

Murphy is back, and he needs some help this time. Peggy informs you of the town map on the wall to clue you in on the next steps, and your best bet is to talk to Katherine.

  1. Call Katherine
  2. Katherine – Recycling!
  3. Katherine, go to the crusher!
  4. Henderson!

Saving Carrie

Carrie needs not only some comfort, but some guidance as well. Head downstairs and grab the friendship quiz off of Jeanie’s quiz, then talk to Peggy to start the next call.

  1. Heather.
  2. Jennifer.
  3. Hot David.
  4. Lisa.
  5. Chad.
  6. Focus.

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02:40 AM callers

Saving Chuck

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Forrest and Peggy decide to take the initiative and try to see where the Whistling Man will strike next. You have to piece together his next location, using the clues on the corkboard.

  1. Chuck Brody.
  2. The Gas Station.
  3. RUN!

03:00 AM callers

Saving Roller Ricky

The initial calls do not have anyone in immediate danger, but one decision influences the fate of Roller Ricky. Talk to Virginia first, then when you are talking to Sandra, choose the following:

  1. That sounds nice.
  2. Are you keeping secrets?
  3. You okay?
  4. We know.
  5. Sure.
  6. Of course.

Eventually, Dawn calls into the station once more, and she needs your help with home alarm security codes, though something seems awfully suspicious.

Venture back down into the basement where you found the recorders and get the user manual and delivery note. Place them at your desk, and give Dawn the alarm test activation code. Do not give any of the other codes!

This sets off the alarms to the rink, and gives Ricky enough time to react to the Whistling Man approaching, revealing some unsettling revelations.

Saving Jason

The next call is from a girl named Casey, but she is not the one in trouble—her friend, Jason, was stabbed by the Whistling Man, and he needs immediate medical attention. Once you are given instructions by the nurse, you will need to relay them to Casey.

  1. How is Jason?
  2. Don’t touch the knife.
  3. We need to secure the knife.
  4. Use the laundry.
  5. Okay.
  6. Any suggestions?

After this, you have to take a short detour down through the offices to find someone who has received first aid training. Talk to Peggy through the intercom, which triggers the next part of the conversation.

  1. He’s going into shock.
  2. Elevate Jason’s legs.
  3. Apply an additional bandage.
  4. Be strong for Jason.
  5. John Hedges.
  6. Someone’s been stabbed.

Saving Teddy & Peggy

After this, the building suddenly loses power. Once you head down to the basement and restore power, the final sequence begins. Return up to the booth to find Peggy missing, and you are greeted by the one and only Whistling Man, who is about to explain everything.

But wait, remember what Leslie said earlier? You need to stall for time, and to do that you have to try to keep the conversation with Teddy going.

  1. I’ll do it.
  2. I can do that.
  3. Be honest, Teddy.
  4. Whistling night, right?
  5. Did you ask Ricky?
  6. Just a prank?
  7. How did you feel?
  8. Who was under the mask?
  9. How do you know?
  10. Then why the cover up?
  11. He wasn’t a blip.
  12. Answer the question.
  13. You’ve been through hell.
  14. The School Gym!

After choosing the last response, make sure to grab the birthday card off of Peggy’s desk. Just keep it in your hands while the conversation continues.

Congratulations, you have saved everyone in Killer Frequency! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the ending, you have earned it.

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Killer Frequency Walkthrough – How to Save everyone