All Dredge Perks and Abilities in Dead by Daylight – Explained

Dredge in Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight announced the release of a brand new chapter arriving in June 2022: Chapter 24, Roots of Dread. The upcoming chapter brings an original Killer and Survivor, and a whole new realm to play in. Survivor Haddie Kaur is a brave Canadian-Indian psychic who conducts investigations for her podcast. New Killer, The Dredge, is an inhuman creature created from nightmarish darkness. Find out more about his perks and abilities below!

Perks and Abilities of The Dredge in Dead By Daylight

The Dredge stands 32 meters tall and utterly grotesque, its body formed out of suppressed darkness and the writhing mass of butchered corpses. This extra-dimensional creature’s primary weapon is its Knotted Apendage, a weapon formed from the body parts of a once-happy community.

The Dredge in Dead By Daylight (BHVR)

The Dredge’s Power and Special Abilities

The Dredge’s power is Reign of Darkness, giving The Dredge the ability to transport to any locker while its special ability The Gloaming is activated. This Killer starts the game with 3 Tokens, and each time it transports to a locker, a Token is used. Tokens will replenish when The Gloaming’s 12 second cooldown has ended.

teleportation dead by daylight dredge
Teleportation by The Dredge in Dead By Daylight (BHVR)

Once The Gloaming is activated, Dredge leaves behind a husk, The Remnant. Dredge is able to return to this Remnant unless they transport to a locker or a Survivor touches it, making it fade away.

Survivors can put locks on the lockers (one lock per locker per trial), making it so The Dredge cannot transport to them. The Dredge can break the locks using its primary weapon.

nightfall the dredge dead by daylight
Nightfall in Dead By Daylight (BHVR)

The Dredge can use another special ability Nightfall which lasts for 60 seconds and forces Survivors to play in darkness. Nightfall also grants the Undetectable status to Dredge, and increases the teleportation time between lockers. Nightfall meter fills faster when:

  • Survivors are injured
  • Survivors are hooked
  • The Dredge teleports

The Dredge Teachable Perks

As with any other Killer or Survivor, teachable perks are available in other Bloodwebs once The Dredge is at a certain level in the Bloodweb. The perks are Dissolution (available at level 30), Darkness Revealed (available at level 35), and Septic Touch (available at level 40).

dead y daylight dredge Teachable_dissolutionDissolutionWhen a Survivor fast vaults over a pallet, The Entity breaks the pallet. This is active 3 seconds after injuring a Survivor and lasts for 12/16/20 seconds.
dead by daylight dredge Teachable_darknessRevealedDarkness RevealedWhen searching a locker the auras of any Survivor within 8 meters of any locker are revealed for 3/4/5 seconds. This has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
dead by daylight septic touch Teachable_septicTouchSeptic TouchWhen a Survivor performs a healing action within the Killer terror radius, they suffer with Blindness and Exhaustion. these effects linger for 6/7/8 seconds.

Those are all the perks, powers, and abilities of The Dredge as we know so far, according to how it is currently in the PTB. These may be subject to change once the release comes in June 2022. We will let you know if anything changes when Dead By Daylight Chapter 24 arrives.

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All Dredge Perks and Abilities in Dead by Daylight – Explained


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