cod mobile maps ranked
COD Mobile Maps Ranked

Undoubtedly, COD Mobile is one of the top Battle Royale games right now. Back in 2019, COD Mobile had a pompous launch. Considering the whole legacy of Call Of Duty games, the mobile surely was at par with fans’ expectations.

As of today, COD Mobile has several maps that are borrowed from Black Ops and Modern Warfare. Several maps are common across various modes while some maps are specifically available to one or two modes.

These maps have been ranked after weighing all the factors like popularity, ease of playing, and player’s preferences. Players’ opinions may vary.

COD Mobile: All the Maps Ranked (Battle Royale)


Image via Call of Duty Mobile

Needless to say, Isolated is like the Erangel of COD Mobile. The classic BR map borrows popular locations from Black Ops and Modern Warfare. Players can find some places from the multiplayer modes incorporated into Isolate.

Just like regular Battle Royale matches, Isolated features 100 players that are dropped from a plane. The map features vehicle spawns, weapon spawns, and varied terrain. Players can go solo, take a partner, or assemble a squad.


Image via Activision Blog

Alcatraz is a unique BR map that was added to the game in 2020. Compared to Isolated, Alcatraz is somewhat smaller. In 2021, Alcatraz was negated from the BR mode and made a comeback as a limited-time map.

Instead of being airdropped, players spawn randomly on the island. Moreover, unlike Isolated, Alcatraz can only be played by 40 players. Owing to the smaller area, this map does not have any vehicle spawn. Unlike the regular BR mode, players in a squad can respawn five times.

COD Mobile: All the Maps Ranked (Multiplayer)

3Nuketown Russia

COD fanatics will immediately recognize the familiar location from Call of Duty: Black Ops. The map has been remastered for several titles and that proves the popularity of the Nuketown. The map features two houses on the edges and some vantage points in the center. The result is an intense battle towards the center.


Image via COD Mobile

Needless to say, Crash has more scope for strategic play than Nuketown. The map has been borrowed from Modern Warfare. Crash has great points for hiding and corners for surprise attacks. Players who like to go slow and stealthy often prefer Crash.


COD fanatics will immediately recognize this place. This is because Killhouse takes inspiration from a popular map in Modern Warfare. Due to its compact size, players often experience intense battles.


Crossfire is a popular destination from Modern Warfare. Rust lets players choose between the close-range and long-range strategies. Players can go for aggressive close combat or choose to hide and snipe from a distance in those long lanes.

7Firing Range

The Firing Range is borrowed from Black Ops. Unlike several other maps, the Firing Range is more of a medium-sized map. Players can choose to indulge in close-quarter combat or get on to some high point to snipe some enemies.


Hijacked is a compact cruise that is high on action and low on strategy. Due to its small area, there’s no time for players to think or strategize. Players have to be alert, active, and shoot at sight. As players have to pass through the center which often becomes the focal point of action.


Borrowed from Call Of Duty Black Ops, the standoff is full of buildings and alleys. Players with ARs can take over the alley and players with snipers can venture into higher points in the buildings.


The Takeoff is more a medium-sized map that was originally featured in Black Ops. Takeoff is a spaceship terminal floating on ocean waters. Even with such a location, the map is medium-sized providing enough space for AR combats. A few high spots on the map are perfect for some sniping.


Image via Activision Blog

Cage was the first map crafted especially for Call of Duty Mobile. One glance at the Cage map and players know they have to be aggressive. The map encourages close-range combat, so ARs and SMGs are suitable guns for it.


Image via Call of Duty Fandom

Players who play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will immediately recognize this map. Rust can be an exciting location for TDMs as players can choose to engage in close-range combat or hide and snipe from a height.


Image via Call of Duty Mobile, YouTube

Docks is one of the newest maps on Call of Duty Mobile. It was introduced along with Season 5 In Deep Water. As it is a tiny map, players can access this map only in Gunfights and 1v1. Both AR and sniper strategies can be applied. There’s a sewer entrance on the map that makes things interesting.

14Hackney Yard

Image via Call of Duty Mobile, YouTube

Hackney Yard was added to the game in 2020 and it quickly became one of the preferred locations for some action-packed TDMs. The buildings, crates, walls, and containers make Hackney Yard perfect for close to medium-range combat. To keep things interesting, the map also has a night mode.


Image via Call of Duty Fandom

This map was borrowed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and added to the COD Mobile. Scrapyard resembles Highrise a little but is much smaller. The small size makes the map action-packed for Domination and Ground War.

16Gulag Showers

Image via Call of Duty Fandom

The popular location from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was introduced to COD Mobile as a part of the Radioactive update. Gulag Showers is exclusive to the Gunfight and 1v1 Duels. The location is a shower block on Zordaya Prison.


Image via Call of Duty Fandom

Raid was first featured in COD Black Ops and then was a part of COD Online or COD Mobile. Raid is fit for hiding and sniping as well as close-quartered combat due to some bottleneck points.


Image via Activision Blog

Highrise was first introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and COD Online before being added to COD Mobile in 2020. A helipad is placed in the center of the map and two skyscrapers on the two edges. The elevated points make the map suitable for sniping and the other places are fit for close combat. This map is especially a favorite with Modern Warfare II fans.


Image via Call of Duty

The Terminal is another medium map from Modern Warfare II. The Terminal is an airport with luggage and small shops. Players can actually venture inside the parked planes. Apart from this, there are other small accessible places that make this map interesting.

20Shoot House

Image via Call of Duty Mobile Fandom

The Shoot House has been taken from Modern Warfare. The map was added to COD Mobile during the 2021 Season 2 update. The location is full of cargo containers and other partial covers. A few points on the map act as overwatch. Overall, the map is a welcome change in TDMs.

21Suldal Harbour

Image via Call of Duty Mobile, YouTube

The Suldal Harbor is a remake of the Harbor from the first COD title Call of Duty. For Season 5: In Deep Water, Suldal Harbor was introduced. The shape of the map roughly resembles a long rectangle. The warehouse, office, and other shelters provide good covers and enable strategic gameplay.


Image via Call of Duty Fandom

Saloon is another map crafted especially for COD Mobile. It is a small map that is exclusive to the Gunfight and 1v1 Duel modes. Saloon has some interesting elevated points fit for sneaky sniping.

23Aniyah Incursion

Image via Call of Duty Mobile, YouTube

Aniyah Incursion is the newest map added to COD Mobile. It was introduced with Season 5: In Deep Water. The map is roughly triangular in shape with the Presidential Palace in the center. Players can deploy sneak-and-ambush strategies and indulge is close-quarter combat.


Image via Call of Duty Mobile, YouTube

When compared to other maps in COD Mobile, Tunisia is quite colorful and sunny. Tunisia was added to COD Mobile as a part of the Radioactive update in 2020. The multiplayer map is exclusive to Domination and Search and Destroy.

25Shipment 1944

Image via Call of Duty Mobile, YouTube

Perhaps, this is the only map borrowed from one of the earliest COD titles Call of Duty WWII. Shipment 1944 is a remade version of the original Shipment map. The remade version is set on a beach and smaller. The combat is mostly short-ranged.


Image via Call of Duty Mobile, YouTube

Reclaim is another COD Mobile original map set in urban terrain. The map suspiciously resembles a city shopping mall. There are multiple high points that enable sniping and some decent covers.


Image via Call of Duty Fandom

Meltdown is an interesting location with an industrial backdrop. The destination was originally made for COD Black Ops and later added to COD Mobile in March 2020. There are two reactors, two control rooms, and a disposal region. The map is large enough for medium combats but has no high points for sniping.


Image Call of Duty Fandom

In May 2021, the Dome was added to COD Mobile as a part of Season 4. Interestingly, the map is quite popular and was remade several times, and is a part of many COD titles. The iconic map is medium-sized and perfect for some action-packed TDMs.


Image via Call of Duty Fandom

Just like the Dome, Summit has been remade and incorporated into several COD titles over the year. For COD Mobile, the map was added in 2019, and in 2020, it received a night mode as a part of Season 12. Summit is set in the Ural mountains and has a snowy terrain. The map has tiny places to take cover and the central building has a large space where most of the action happens.


Image via Call of Duty Fandom

The Coastal multiplayer map takes inspiration from a map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The urban terrain of the map and the buildings somewhat resemble Tunisia. The Coastal map is exclusive to the Search and Destroy mode.


Image via Call of Duty Fandom

The Pine map was borrowed from COD Modern Warfare. Pine is a unique map with dense woodlands and sparse covers. As one might guess, the small map is exclusive to Gunfight and 1v1 Duels for CODM.


Image via Call of Duty Mobile, YouTube

The Oasis premise is inspired by a luxury hotel in Dubai. The map was first seen in Modern Warfare 3 and then added to COD Online and COD Mobile. The urban backdrop and medium size of Oasis give rise to medium-range combat.


Image via Call of Duty Mobile, YouTube

King, a COD Modern Warfare map, was made available to Mobile in 2020 with the 11th Anniversary update. With the Warehouse setting, King resembles Killhouse a lot. However, King is much smaller and is limited to Gunfights and 1v1 Duel mode.


Image via Call of Duty Fandom

In Season 6, the Slums map will be added to the multiplayer mode. Set in the slums of Panama, the map was first introduced in Black Ops 2 and later added to Black Ops 3 and 4. The map is fit for all kinds of combat. Much of the action happens in the main boulevard and there are quite a few hiding spots.

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