All About Dragon Trail and Its New Trailer


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The latest teaser trailer for Dragon Trail: Hunter World has just dropped. 

It’s very much a teaser, with relatively little to offer in terms of new information. But that won’t stop us poring over it for clues and insights. 

Before we get onto that, though, we’d better get you up to speed on why Dragon Trail is our most anticipated mobile game of 2022. 

Already available in the East, Dragon Trail is an open-world RPG set on a tropical island paradise steeped in tribal lore. 

It sees you playing as an intrepid tribal youth who ventures into the woods in search of his missing father. 

His quest begins with a terrifying battle against some woodland beasts, the discovery of a Fire Wyvern hatchling, and the acquisition of a mystical text called the Book of Loyat. 

It turns out that these are the essential ingredients of an epic island-based adventure. 

Dragon Trail takes place on Star Island, a huge fantasy environment consisting of several distinct habitats. 

Over the course of the game you’ll find yourself exploring every corner of Star Island in search of creatures to befriend and evolve. These are your animal companions, assisting you in battle against the fearsome dragons that are attacking your fellow tribe members. 

There’s an impressive variety of creatures to discover, from Bluish Parrots to Icy Bears. You’ll find a Woolly Mammoth, too, as well as that plucky little Fire Wyvern you met in the opening sequence.

Like any self-respecting RPG, Dragon Trail features a class system. This lets you pick from four different classes of units to take into battle, including Warrior, Priest, Shadowhunter, and Ranger. 

These classes all have their own unique abilities. The Warrior is a powerful damage-dealer who can soak up a lot of damage too. The Ranger is a crafty fighter who launches attacks from a distance. 

The Shadowhunter, meanwhile, uses stealth to get up close and personal with their enemies, and the Priest supports their teammates with buffs and healing. 

That’s the stuff we already know. So what new nuggets has the latest trailer revealed?

Most obviously, it has cemented our impression that Dragon Trail is a truly stunning game, thanks to its Breath of the Wild-inspired cel-shaded visuals. 

In case you need a refresher, cel-shading is the technique used in games like Okami, Genshin Impact, Untitled Goose Game, and others to remove visual clutter from 3D worlds. Like a cross between 2D and 3D, it creates a clean, slick, and incredibly stylish look. 

Dragon Trail is a fantastic example of the technology. It harnesses the benefits of cel-shading while making sure to include all the small, incidental details that bring a world to life. 

As you can see in the trailer, blades of grass and flowers bob in the breeze, the light plays on the surface of the water, and the sun breaks through the trees in dancing beams. Star Island is creating a living, breathing environment to get lost in. 

Not that you’ll necessarily spend much time admiring flowers. 

The other insight that we can glean from the latest Dragon Trail trailer is that your character is an absolute hulk. 

Just look at the sword he’s holding as he stands on that lonely hilltop and stares across the plane. It’s taller than he is, and broader too. Anybody capable of wielding a sword like that is trouble. 

Later in the trailer we see five warriors charging across the same plain on huge armored mounts, promising plenty of combat to go with the pretty flowers and tribal lore. 

We can’t wait to get our hands on Dragon Trail when it launches later this year. 

In the meantime, you can pre-register right now on the Google Play Store for a chance at playing it in early access. 

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All About Dragon Trail and Its New Trailer


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