Alien Isolation On Nintendo Switch Holds Quite Well To The PlayStation 4 Version

Alien Isolation

During the early days of the Nintendo Switch, we have heard over and over how difficult it may be to port PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games to the console due to the power differences between them. Recently, however, we have seen some truly impressive ports, like The Witcher 3, which show that it is possible to bring games over to the Nintendo Switch with a bit of effort, and some cutting back. Alien Isolation is the next big console game hitting the console, and it seems like it will be a very solid port.

GameXplain recently put together a comparison video, highlighting the differences between the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions. Differences that are minimal, as it is difficult to tell the two apart most of the time.

The Nintendo Switch version of Alien Isolation, which released next month, will be a content complete release, as it will include all of the DLC that has been released for the game. One of them not only expands the game’s story but also the story of the Alien franchise as a whole, since it will allow players to explore the USCSS Nostromo as Ellen Ripley, experiencing the events that led to the first Alien movie.

Even without the DLC, Alien Isolation is an excellent game that no fan of Alien or horror games should pass on. After so many video game adaptations of the franchise gone wrong, The Creative Assembly finally did right by it, releasing a game that finally makes the Xenomorphs as scary as they are meant to be.

Alien Isolation launches on Nintendo Switch on December 5th worldwide.

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Alien Isolation On Nintendo Switch Holds Quite Well To The PlayStation 4 Version


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