Wrath is a thunder element Illumina Federation sniper. She specializes in high area damage utilizing her active skill and chain combos. Overload Mode lets her Chain Combo dish out damage to more enemies, on top of the high damage it already does. Wrath is quite the beast in Alchemy Stars, so here is our Alchemy Stars’ Wrath: everything you need to know guide!


Element: Thunder / Fire
Rarity: ★★★★★★
Stats (Max level/ascension/breakthrough)

  • Attack: 3406
  • Defense: 1167
  • HP: 9908

An ambitious Illumina Federation Guard Legion Commander who made an upright challenge for the leadership of the Illumina Federation. She is energetic, toils tirelessly to gain greater power, and has a strong desire to monopolize things. She is a little uneasy in her subconscious mind.

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Active Skill: Overload Mode (5s CD) – Enters the Overcharge state, in which Wrath’s Chain Combo deals damage to the nearest enemy 2 times for 2 rounds.

Chain Combo: Patrol Attack – Deals 110/115/120% damage to the nearest enemy and 30% splash damage to enemies in 4 tiles in a cross shape around it.

Equipment Skill: Patrol Array – Bullets can be reserved. When a Chain Combo deals damage, consumes 1 bullet and increases the final damage by 15/20/25/30%.

Breakthrough Bonuses

  1. HP increased by 300.
  2. DEF increased by 40.
  3. Active Skill Enhancement: Reduces skill cooldown by 1 round.
  4. Increased by 300+5%Basic max HP.
  5. Increased by 40+5%Basic DEF.
  6. Chain Combo Enhancement: Increases splash damage by 20%.

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Ascension Requirements

  • Ascension 1
    • Thunder Crystal Shards x 20
    • Thunder Flare Powder x 30
    • Battle Archive I x 10
    • Nightium x 30,000
  • Ascension 2
    • Thunder Flare Rocks x 20
    • Thunder Potion I x 30
    • Battle Archive II x 10
    • Nightium x 50,000
  • Ascension 3
    • Thunder Potion III x 20
    • Thunder Crystal x 30
    • Battle Archive III x 10
    • Nightium x 200,000

Colossus Skills

Dispatch Boost – 1 hour to regain dispatch when deployed to the Dispatch Office.

Backpacker – Carrier’s production efficiency increased by 10% when deployed to the Resource Station.

That’s about everything you need to know about Wrath. If you have any other helpful tips or knowledge about Alchemy Stars, let us know in the comments below!

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