Albion Online Corrupted Dungeons Guide

Albion Online Corrupted Dungeons Guide

In the exciting MMORPG Albion Online, players can engage in a variety of activities. You can go to raids, trade, fight with other players, and of course travel. During your wanderings, you may stumble upon a strange entrance to the dungeon in the form of two rocks with orange light. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these dungeons.

Corrupted Dungeons Guide

These dungeons are called Corrupted Dungeons and have a lot of activities and great rewards. You can only enter such a dungeon solo.

Corrupted Dungeons has an invasion system. While you are clearing a dungeon, a solo player like you can invade it. He will appear at a decent distance from you. There are red dots on the map representing mobs so pay attention to places where they are not. This method will help you find the invader faster or avoid it. If you want to invade someone’s dungeon, then you must sign a contract with the demon at the beginning of the dungeon. However, it will also increase the chances of being invaded.

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If you beat him, you can get his loot, as well as get his points for the scoring system called infamy. This is a special system that only exists in Corrupted Dungeons. When you get enough, a boss will appear in the dungeon and appear on the map. Also, the rewards in the treasure chest will depend on your infamy score. But if you don’t want to fight the invading player, you can exile him by destroying three Demonic Shards. Also in the dungeon, various traps can harm both you and the mobs.

Corrupted Dungeons have three difficulty levels:

  • The first is the Hunter, this difficulty level available in the Blue and Yellow Zone. Its peculiarity is that during PVP you will not die and will not lose your loot, if you are defeated, you will simply be thrown out of the dungeon.
  • The second level of difficulty is Stalker. This level is available in the Red and Black Zone.
  • The third level is Slayer, it is available in the same Zones as the Stalker. Stalker and Slayer levels provide Full-Loot PvP.

Also, when you find yourself in a dungeon, you will not be able to change your equipment, except for food and potions, so choose your equipment in advance.

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Albion Online Corrupted Dungeons Guide


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