How to Fast Travel in Albion Online

How to Fast Travel in Albion Online

Albion Online is an addictive cross-platform MMORPG game. Players are free to do whatever they want and play any role, for example, you can be a craftsman. For this class, it is vital to quickly get to different cities to sell goods. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how Fast Travel works.

How to Use Fast Travel

As in the real world, territories in Albion Online are divided into different biomes with different resources. Therefore, the game has a good economic system, thanks to which players can sell rare goods for a specific region at a high price. And of course, such an economy would collapse if the game had the classic Fast Travel function. So the game has several different ways of moving between cities.

The first way is to use Ships. You will be able to travel on them, but the cost will depend on the weight of the items you will take with you.

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For the second method, you must find a Travel Planner. This way allows you to travel wherever you go, absolutely free of charge. But this is possible if you have nothing, not clothes, not inventory. This method is more suitable for beginner players.

The third way is Carriage. You can also find this in the city. Using a Carriage, you can get to any city by paying a certain amount of silver, depending on the things in your inventory.

And the last way is Realmgates. With this, you can move between Realmgates on one specific continent within 10 minutes.

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How to Fast Travel in Albion Online


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