Al-Khemi Fusion Guide and Fuse Badge Location in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds


Ni No Kuni can boast of a wide range of different events. Some events are solo, while others require participation in a guild or collectively. However, one of the best events in the game is Al-Khemi, the genie of the cauldron. This is a regular event, but it is still the best. Why is it so? Read the guide, and you will find out.

Al-Khemi Fusion Guide in Ni No Kumi Cross Worlds

There are three currencies available to spend in this event: lucky pot tickets, wooden fuse badges, and metal fuse badges. Let’s start with lucky pot tickets. Generally, it is the best currency for Al-Khemi, the genie of the cauldron. Why is it so?

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Every time that Al-Khemi appears, you will have a possibility to draw a prize from the cauldron. This is called “Lucky Pot Draw” and costs 10 lucky pot tickets. However, you can do a lucky pot draw only one time when Al-Khemi appears. His appearance lasts 30 minutes. So, you have enough time to draw the prize. However, the rewards in Lucky Pot Draw change each time Al-Khemi appears. Therefore, you need to hurry up drawing prizes.

However, if you come to the cauldron and do not see Al-Khemi, the whole server needs to fuse in the cauldron to fulfill the bar on the left side. To fill up this bar, you need to spend two other resources. 

Each time you fill the cauldron with fuse badges you will get a lucky pot ticket and an additional reward. However, it is impossible to fill this bar yourself. And here is the question: how to get these resources?

You can obtain badges from the traveling merchant or by kicking vases/crates. The best way is to kick vases and crates. You can do it everywhere, but the most effective it will be in the primary location.

So, that is all with the Al-Khemi cauldron in Ni No Kumi Cross Worlds. Hope this guide was helpful for you!

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Al-Khemi Fusion Guide and Fuse Badge Location in NI No Kuni Cross Worlds


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