Aion Legions of War: How to Get More Heroes in The Game (4 Star and Above)

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There are over 100 characters available in Aion: Legions of War and you definitely want to unlock as many as possible in order to build that perfect team. But how to get more rare heroes in Aion: Legions of War? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in today’s guide.

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Getting legendary heroes in Aion: Legions of War (5 star or 6 star characters) is pretty difficult if you don’t want to invest real life money into this. But the good news is that you can star up existing characters and make them stronger if you’re not lucky enough to draw a 5 or 6 star one instead.

And today we’re talking about all methods that you have on hand for getting more heroes in Aion: Legions of War: from the cannon fodder 1 and 2 star heroes, to three stars and above. Most of these methods are pretty much common sense knowledge, but being able to check them all out in one place will hopefully paint a clearer picture.

Link your account
The easiest way to score a free hero is to simply link your account to a social network or the Google Play / App Store. Not only that your data is safe in case something terrible happens with your device or you accidentally delete the game, but you also receive a free hero as a reward!

Complete achievements and daily missions
Completing the achievements and daily missions (especially the latter) should be your priority in the game, because you will receive rewards in terms of Hero Shards and premium currency, which can both be turned into really useful heroes later on.

Remember, when it comes to the daily missions, try to complete them all each day in order to grab that daily reward which gives you some character shards for the same hero over and over again, making it a lot easier to unlock them and evolve them.

Log in daily
Simply logging in each day gives you more chances at unlocking more heroes in Aion Legions of War. There are various rewards offered each day (and multiple tiers of rewards as well), but sometimes you will receive either character shards, new characters or premium currency.

It’s extremely important to log in daily after starting the game, because you will get the new player rewards which are absolutely awesome if you log in for 7 days in a row: over 800 Gems and a new character!

The various in-game shops
If you visit the in-game shops (available via the General Shop), you will be able to spend the various types of currencies you earn from playing the game in order to purchase characters, shards and other useful items.

These are usually extremely expensive and require you to be very active in the game, but it is something that’s doable for free to play players who have little other options anyway.

Confinite & Social Summons
There are multiple types of summons that can guarantee you a hero and the most common (the ones you will get to cast most often) are the Confinite and Social Summons. The former is usually done with items you receive from completing quests and missions, while the latter comes from your in-game friends and social activity.

While the maximum hero quality that you can get from these summons is 3 (and you will get 3-star heroes rarely), they are still good and shouldn’t be ignored as they can be used as level-up material for other heroes or to enhance the ones that reach a maximum level to a new star.

Tip: Grind your way up to max level 1-star characters and turn then into 2-star characters to make it easier for you to turn your top 2-star ones into 3 stars. Repeat for each new star level, even though it does take an awful lot of time!

Gem Summons
This is the easiest way to get rare and legendary heroes in Aion Legions of War: by spending gems. The problem with them is that they are normally bought for real life money, but you can also receive quite a bit for free.

Although you have the option to buy individual summons for 80 gems a piece, you also have the option to buy a pack of 10 Hero Summons and that is what you should always do with your gems!

Getting a 10 Hero Summon gives you a guaranteed 4-star hero, while also having the chance to receive additional 4 or 5 star heroes from the other summons. This is the only way you should deal with these Gem Summons!

The Phantom Corridor / Social Corridor
While playing the game, you will randomly unlock a special Dungeon that is called the Phantom Corridor or the Social Corridor. These are places that work just like regular Dungeons, but you can complete them either alone or with your guild mates and get some character shards instead.

These are a bit more difficult to take advantage of early on since the strength of the enemies you’re facing is really high, but it’s still worth it even at lower levels because you can never have too many character shards.

The Secret Store
Also randomly, you will unlock the Secret store every now and then – and this is a place where you can find a lot of goodies too. Usually, everything in this store sells for Gems (premium currency), but the prices are heavily discounted and you do have some really sweet deals.

The interesting thing about each Secret Store is that your friends can also visit it an make purchases from it, and from every purchase they make, you will receive some Gems in return. This is another great reason to have active friends who won’t shy away from taking advantage of a solid discount.

Special Events and Rewards
There are always special events taking place in the game, in any of the various areas: from the adventure to the Guild dungeons, to Arena battles and everything in between.

These events are usually unpredictable (right now, there’s a leveling up even with amazing rewards, for example but we don’t know if it will ever happen again), but the idea is to always keep an eye for the details of the events and go all-in when an important one appears with top rewards.

All these events will usually reward you with top quality items, character shards or even heroes, so they’re a real gift.

Complete all stages in an adventure
Simply taking part in the adventure rewards you with some heroes (eventually). All you have to do is to reach the indicated area and get the required number of starts and you’re all set for a hero reward!

These would be the methods you have on hand when it comes to the burning question “How to get more heroes in Aion: Legions of War”. If you manage to find other methods that help you get your legendary team set up faster, let us know by sharing your comments below.

UPDATE: Now that you know how to get more heroes, you are probably wondering which are the best to go for. We have published a really useful Aion: Legions of War tier list with the best characters in the game right now.

Also, if you’re looking for more guides related to the game, don’t forget that we’ve written an epic Aion: Legions of War guide already.

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Aion Legions of War: How to Get More Heroes in The Game (4 Star and Above)

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