AFK Cats Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages & Get More Cats

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our AFK Cats tips and cheats to help you pass all of the game’s stages and acquire a little army of powerful kittens.

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If you played the game even for a little bit, you will notice how fun and quirky it is and how catchy it becomes after just a few stages. But as all games go, they get more difficult – and pretty fast! So if you happened to get stuck after a while, do not worry.

We have the exact solution so you will never have to worry about getting stuck and being unable to pass certain boss stages! In our guide we will cover everything that you need to know, from how to get more fighters and gears, to how to use them properly and advance into the game!

So, are you ready, Chief? Then let’s not waste another second and dive right into the AFK Cats tips and tricks right here below!

Start by fighting in the stages

The stages, or the “adventure mode” of AFK Cats is the main way that you can unlock all of the game’s features and basically complete the tasks that the game asks of you. It is not super difficult, but at start you will not have the best of times of you are not going to recruit a few kittens for your team.

So basically the way to go about the game from the very beginning is this:

– Start by fighting in the Main Mission stages

– Use the free Basic Keys that you get to summon a few other fighters

– Fight as many stages as necessary to unlock at least the 4 other slots for your team (to have a total of 5)

This is in my opinion a super important thing to do early on, because once you have a few cats that you can add to your team, you can then start working on making upgrades, improvements and so on.

So what you need to remember early game here: fight in the Main Missions to unlock more fighter slots in your team, then continue fighting at least to level 90 (preferably 100) to unlock some of the game’s features! It seems like a real grind, but once you get a few strong cats you will not even notice that the levels get harder and harder!

Start Upgrading your team cats!

The cats will start at the default level 1, and as it shows in the tutorial, you can upgrade them. Now there are some things that I am not sure if you noticed, but I will explain to you so that you can have a much easier time.

In order to upgrade your cats, all you need is Gold and Yarn Balls. These are two super common resources from battling in the Main Missions so all you have to do is keep fighting and collect them.

Each of the cats’ levels will cost more and more to upgrade, so I suggest that first and foremost you start with your best cats. For example if you have a couple of 3* or 4* cats, make sure you upgrade them first before upgrading the other ones.

The fighters can first be upgraded to maximum level 30, and once they reached this level you will see a new option appearing instead of “Level Up”, which is “Advance”. If you tap on “Advance” it will show you the requirements to upgrade the fighters even further. At start, you will need Felinium and Gold (lots of it) to be able to increase their maximum level to 40.

Why it is important to Advance your cats: this is super important, because when a fighter cat will reach level 35, they will unlock their Leader Skill. This skill will buff the other cats in certain ways, but that is a discussion for another time. For now, the main thing you need to keep in mind here is that a cat can only reach level 35, only if you increase their maximum level to 40! (makes sense, right?)

Double your rewards – especially after boss battles!

As you might’ve noticed, during the Main Mission fights you will have on the bottom right corner of the screen a button with a loot bag. That symbolizes the loot that you have from your current battles which gathered there.

During the boss battles, more precisely after the boss battles, you will receive various other loot, such as Boss Fur and sometimes equipment. If you tap on the “Collect Double” in your Loot Bag, that will start playing a short ad, which, once finished, will double the amount of rewards you have!

This is one of the most useful and greatest features in the game in my opinion, because of the following reasons:

– You don’t have to claim your loot after every battle – just let it pile up and claim it after the boss fight with double rewards on.

– After the boss fights, with double rewards on you will also get double the Boss Fur!

– The rewards can keep piling up and you don’t even have to check them that often, or not even check them at all for 20 levels at once. It doesn’t matter, because the moment you choose to watch an ad and double them, they will get doubled! (this is super useful if you don’t really like watching ads)

In conclusion, I really suggest that you watch the ad to double your rewards, especially if you let them pile up for quite a while!

Claim your stage milestone rewards

In game there are certain rewards that you get for passing some boss levels, and they will give you quite good rewards once you reach the given milestones. These rewards can be Gold, Basic Keys, Yarn Balls and even heroes!

These rewards can be found in the Main Missions battle, in the top side of the screen on an icon which looks kinda like a map. Tap on it, and you will see that every 10-20 levels there is a new reward that you can claim and add to your collection.

Customize your profile

In AFK Cats you will have to pay some Gems in order to customize your profile over and over, but the first time is free. If you are indeed a dedicated player, you can do this by heading onto your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen, then tap to edit your name and icon.

I suggest doing this, because there is an in-game feature which will help quite a lot if your profile is not basic. You can change your name any time that you want by spending 200 Gems, but your icon can be changed for free!

Add more in game friends!

Remember that I mentioned that it will help not having the most default and basic profile? Well, here is where it comes into play! You can add in game friends and send hearts to them in order to perform some free summons!

You can add me if you want, as well as other players, by heading onto the “Heart” menu in the top right side of the screen and then selecting the “Add Friends” button. You can there search for other people’s profiles by name! If you want to add me, my IGN is “saichi”! Feel free to do so, and if you want to add more active people, leave your IGN (in game name) down in the comments below!

Once you added some friends, make sure you send them hearts every day so they can make some summons for free! They will also send back, so don’t worry!

Try beating the Tower’s stages

The Tower is basically a “neverending” dungeon, where you have increasingly stronger opponent for every stage. One entry costs one Ticket, and you will receive one for free every hour!

The tickets will stack up to maximum 10, so that means that every 10 hours or so you should try your luck in the Tower so that you can maximize the amount of tickets and attempts you get!

By beating the Tower’s stages you can receive Boss Fur and many other useful rewards, so it is super good to try and do it as often as you can. Since you cannot repeat a stage, I suggest that if you want to advance you keep your team always upgraded to the maximum level possible (the heroes that you use mostly) and always have the best gear equipped.

There are secret stages in the Tower! Try to always do them and not skip them, because the rewards they give are so much better than the ones from the normal stages, so it is definitely worth it!

Use the Elements to your advantage

In game there are a total of 5 elements, which all have different effects when used against each other. Some can be weaker and some might be stronger against certain ones, so let’s have a look at them and always try to remember this:

Fire is strong against Earth, but weak against Water.

Earth is strong against Water, but weak against Fire

Water is strong against Fire, but weak against Earth.

Sun and Moon counter each other (both strong and weak versus each other)

Always try to counter the enemy’s elements, because this will give you quite a big advantage (+25% damage). Otherwise, if the enemy is countering you, they will have the upper hand.

Assemble your team properly

Now this is a really, really important feature because depending on how your team works, you can either win super easily or have a very tough time dealing with the opponent. Taking into consideration the element of each cat fighter that you have, this should be the first step towards assembling the ideal team.

Here are all of my AFK Cats battle tips & tricks and how to assemble a good team:

– You can always change your team formation, even during the battles – if you do it during the battles, it will reset the stage.

– Always place your team leader in the leader slot to buff up the other members of the same element.

– Change your team leaders (and members) depending on the element of the enemy you are facing, to always have the upper hand in battle.

– Try placing your tankier units on the side – they will be the first ones to take damage and since they are tankier, they should go down much slower than the other units (I will cover the types of heroes further down the guide).

– Always compare your Squad Power with different members, and pick the one which has the most power. Sometimes during certain stages you will need to have at least an indicated amount of Squad Power, otherwise you can’t really beat the enemies.

– You don’t have to reset a stage only because you are down to 1 or 2 members alive. If they counter the enemy’s element, you might be lucky enough to just survive a 1v3 battle and win! Always wait until the last moment!

Now keeping this in mind, you can head onto your battles with much more confidence!

Recruit more cats!

There are three main types of summons that you can do to get more fighters, but there are also other ways that you can get them! We will start with the most basic ones: the summons!

Simply tap on the “New Recruits” in the main interface (on the balloon) and there you can see these options, which each give you a random fighter cat:

Basic Cage: it costs 1 Basic Key to open, but you will get a few for free every day, if you wait a few hours! They can give you any cat, including 5* cats, but the chances are as follows:

1* Agent Cat: 47.8%

2* Agent Cat: 35%

3* Agent Cat: 15%

4* Agent Cat: 2%

5* Agent Cat: 0.2%

Golden Cage: this one can be opened once per day for free, and if you want to open more, you will need to acquire Golden Keys (which sometimes tend to go more on the expensive side). However, you cannot get 1* and 2* cats from this, only 3* and above:

3* Agent Cat: 50%

4* Agent Cat: 45%

5* Agent Cat: 5%

Friendship Cage: this cage will cost 10 hearts for 1 summon, and as I mentioned before, you will need to add friends in order to have access to hearts! That is the only way to open up this cage, so here are the rates:

1* Agent Cat: 25%

2* Agent Cat: 45%

3* Agent Cat: 25%

4* Agent Cat: 4*

5* Agent Cat: 1%

Make sure you always do the daily free summons, because since there are chances to get 5* cats, you should definitely take them because you never know when luck might strike!

Learn more about the Agents and how they work!

This is quite a complicated topic, so I have decided to dedicate an entire article explaining everything you need to know about the cat Agents in AFK Cats. There you will learn more about each and every one of them, their skills and how you can acquire some of the rarer ones!

You can find the complete AFK Cats Agents Guide with all the best Agents in the game here, so head on there for a full explanation of every aspect regarding the cats!

Take part in in-game events

In AFK Cats there are quite a few in game events which will give you unique chances to recruit some 5* cats but also to gain Golden Keys and Gems. All you have to do is check out the Events tab in game, which is on the left of “Main Missions”!

Always equip the best gears for your fighters

You will pick up quite a lot of equipment during your battles, especially during the boss battles. You should make sure that you always equip the best gears to the most powerful cats, then the rest of the gears to the remaining team members.

Whenever you acquire new ones, you should head on to the Training Camp and check out your fighters, and whenever you can equip the best gears to them!

Let’s go time traveling!

The Time Machine is a feature that you will unlock the very first time you will level up a cat to level 30. This feature will let you travel back in time and reset all of your stage progress (so you will start again with level 1), but will transform all of the Boss Fur that you gathered into Felinium, which is used to Advance your fighters!

This should be your next step after reaching stage 90-100 (101 preferably), because by that time you will definitely have a few team members leveled up to 30 and you can safely advance them.

After you have done this the first time, you will see quite a progress in your game, because the moment you reset, your team will not go back to 1 members, but will stay with 6 and that will make all of the progress run much, much quicker!

Check out the in game shop every day!

The in game Market is a place where I personally love spending my time! Not only because it is a shop (lol) but because there you can explore the various offers the game has for you every day, and you can even refresh to gain new offers!

Sometimes when the shop refreshes you will be able to purchase some stuff completely for free, by simply watching an advertisement! Make sure you do this, and also buy the following items if you see them:

– Yarn Balls which go for Gold!

– Powerful Gears which go for Gold

– Gold Keys when they cost 200 Gems or less

– Tower Tickets when they cost Gold

– Hero Fragments when they go for Gold

You can tap on the Refresh button for free in the top side of the screen after you have done all your wanted purchases, so you will get new offers!

In the Market there is also the Felinium Shop, where you can purchase fragments for very good members! Make sure you save your Felinium to buy some of the good 5* heroes here!

Log in every day to claim cool rewards!

Every single day that you log into the game you will be able to get for free some cool rewards! Make sure you log into the game even if you don’t really plan on playing that particular day, just so you can claim these free rewards! They will come in handy when you will actually log in to play!

These would be all of our AFK Cats tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies? Leave them down in the comments section below, and also don’t forget to leave your IGN so other players can add you for those heart friendship chests!

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AFK Cats Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages & Get More Cats

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