AFK Cats: Best Cats in the Game & Agents Guide

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If you want to know everything about the best Agents in AFK Cats, then you have come to the right place, because we are going to give you a complete AFK Cats Agents Guide!

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Here I’ve created an article where you can learn everything there is to know about the best Agents in the game, how to obtain more Agents and everything you need to know about upgrading them.

By now you probably checked out our AFK Cats game guide, where we explained everything about the game and all that you need to know in order to pass more levels! Well, if you haven’t checked it out, make sure you do so!

AFK Cats – What are Agents?

Now this title might be a little misleading, but that’s how the game names them, so let’s roll with it! Basically the Agents are your cat fighters that you will unlock all throughout the game, so if you want to pass the stages, you will have to recruit a few cat Agents!

Each Agent has their own skills that they bring to the table, and each and every one of them belongs to an Element. Some elements are harder to come by, but the Agents that belong to them are different than the rest, and their quality starts at 4 stars (and above).

AFK Cats – How to unlock more Agents / Cats?

Now I am going to tell you all the ways that you can unlock Agents, so if you are eager to learn all about that, then here is everything step by step:

You can unlock more Agents by opening Cages! You have three types of cages: Basic Cage, Golden Cage and Friendship Cage! The Basic Cage can be opened several times a day for free, otherwise it requires a Basic Key to open. The Golden Cage can be opened once day for free, otherwise it requires a Golden Key to open. The Friendship Cage can only be opened by collecting Friendship Points (Hearts), where one chest costs 10 Hearts.

– You can unlock a free 5 star Agent by waiting 24 hours since your first login to the game. That will be shown in the top side of the screen, next to your Gems.

– You can unlock 4* Agent Shards by completing the Weekly missions. These missions will reset every week, so make sure you do them!

– You can unlock 5* Agent Shards by completing the Monthly missions. The monthly missions will reset every month, just like the Weekly missions reset every week!

– You can unlock various Agents by completing the levels mileages in the Main Mission interface. These Agents are given as rewards from certain levels only, so you better check this out in advance.

– You can collect various Agent Shards by simply battling continuously in the Main Mission battles! Make sure you claim these double by watching an ad to double all of your rewards!

– You can purchase various Agent Shards from the Market! You can reset the items in the Market for free every 4 hours, so make sure you do this if you are looking for a ton of Agent Shards!

– You can purchase various Agents and Agent Shards from the Retirement Heaven Shop! This requires you to “retire” your old cats, AKA send them away and never see them again lol. This rewards you with Agent Tags which are used in the Shop to either buy Agent Shards or Agents (anything between 1* and 5*).

You will receive various Agent Shards from the daily login rewards! Simply log into the game every day for a month, and there will be plenty rewards! For example, after the first week you will receive 40x 4* Agent Shards, which are used to summon a 4* Agent!

AFK Cats – The best Cats / Agents in the game

Now we have got to the best part in the guide – which are the best cat Agents in the game? Well, if you’ve been wondering about that, then there is no need to look any further because I will cover each Element on its own and tell you a little about all the best Cats in game!

Since I don’t really think that the 1*-3* cats are really that worth getting, I will not mention them and move instead to the better ones, the 4* and 5* cats.

The best Fire cats in AFK Cats:

– Catniss (4*): she is great because she has CC (crowd control) on her critical hits, and her skills rely quite a lot on critical hits, so it’s a very good hero overall.

– Masta Blasta (4*): a great cat, because it has a ton of DPS, and it also applies burn. The burn can spread to nearby enemies, so it’s even better.

– Lucifurr (4*): not only has a cool name, but it’s a cool cat overall. Lucifurr deals a ton of damage and in a team full of Fire allies, it’s even better because he increases the damage enemy takes from Fire.

– Mexicat (5*): an amazing Hunter DPS unit, which focuses on the furthest enemy first. It’s a good cat because it has a very high attack speed and damage.

– Jean Claw (5*): one of the best Fire Cannonneers in game, he has a really high damage output and he shines especially because of the Elemental Master skill, which gives him additional 25% elemental advantage.

– Elizapet (5*): a really amazing support. She can heal and boost the allies’ DPS by 10%, so it is a great addition to pretty much any team.

The best Water cats in AFK Cats:

– Pekka (4*): one of the best 4* units in my opinion, because it can freeze enemies and also apply a “frostburn” effect, which is like the burn from fire but it’s applied to water element instead. It also has very high damage against frozen enemies.

– Snipurr (4*): really good Hunter, as he focuses on the furthest enemies which he deals bonus damage to. He also has the ability to knock the enemies that come close to him away, so it’s even better.

– OctoPuss (4*): a really good kiiinda support unit, if you pair him with a full Water squad, because he can make the enemy take 25% more damage from Water Agents, so that combined with his high DPS makes for a vert good cat.

– Mr. Wigglebutt (5*): he is a good agent because he can basically make the boss fights much easier, since his Big Danger Mark places a mark on the target (which cannot be dispelled) which makes them take 30% more damage.

– Jennifur (5*): a very good DPS Cannoneer which will do great with a good healer in a team to sustain her “Sacrifice for Damage”, which makes Jennifur even more deadly!

– Catlypso (5*): one of the best actual supports in game, as she heals the allies for quite a lot and also places shields on the whole team. She also grants CC resist.

The best Earth cats in AFK Cats:

– Mr Meowgi (4*): a very good tank unit which will do really good with any healer, especially Catlypso.

– Cat Damon (4*): he does extremely high damage and has a very high chance to stun with his normal attacks, but also his Charged Attack can jump to another enemy and deal increased damage.

– Cat Pitt (4*): a great cat especially versus Water enemies, because his No Splashing skill will allow him to deal 200% more damage to water enemies, so it’s a very good cat to use especially versus Water bosses.

– Bob (5*): a Hunter cat which has decreased DPS, but every 5th basic attack deals increased damage, while also increasing his skill damage by 30%. Bob has also very high attack speed at the beginning of battle, which decreases over time.

The best Sun cats in AFK Cats:

– Catarina (4*): a very good tank which can become tanky the more the fight goes on. She can also resurrect herself!

– Cleocatra (4*): she has very good DPS and her attacks ignore the enemy’s armor. She can also resurrect herself, and when she does she can cast Ray of Light even when she gets hit by enemy cats.

– Alice (4*): she provides useful buffs to the team, such as increased attack speed and a chance for on hit effects to all the allies, as well as a heal for the team.

– Mecatron (5*): a super good tank, he takes reduced damage from Water, Earth and Fire enemies and he can also mitigate damage incoming from the team mates to himself, as well as buff the incoming heals and make him a very good tank to have for any team.

The best Moon cats in AFK Cats:

– Caterpillar (4*): another good tank, he gains increased HP and Armor, and also damage reduction, but also can taunt the enemy cats!

– Purrgi (4*): he deals damage that ignores the target’s armor, but also can steal positive buffs from the enemies.

– Catmen Electra (4*): she will need a healer on the team, but the thing is that whenever her HP drops, she will deal more and more damage. Her kit relies on her using her HP a lot, since with Pain Bath she uses 2% of her max HP and deals bonus damage.

– Arnold Katzenegger (5*): he is a good agent for taking down enemies with the highest DPS, but because of that he might risk dying so he will do very good by having a good support cat to heal him up constantly.

– Cyanide (5*): he inflicts a deadly poison which deals a ton of damage, and is super good especially versus bosses. He can also Fear, which works really well with Purrgi’s kit overall.

In my opinion these would be the best cat Agents in AFK Cats. There are a ton of cats in game, and it might take a while to unlock all of the best ones, and even more to find a good team synergy that works well with your current cats.

How to form a good team?

A good team will consist of the following:

– At least one decent tank to mitigate most of the incoming damage and who should be placed in one of the two slots on the sides which are right next to the leader.

– A good leader (level 35+ to have the Leader Skill activated) to buff the main damage dealers. The leader should be the same element as your main damage dealers.

– Some CC is good to have, especially as the fight progress, because the enemies will start getting tougher and tougher.

– For the boss fights you can change your team members to have the cats which deal bonus damage according to the enemy’s max HP.

– Always check the Squad Power level – try combining various team members, because it can go up or down depending on what cats you pick.

– Try changing the element depending on the enemies you are facing, because it’s better to have the elemental advantage for the 25% extra damage.

AFK Cats – How to upgrade your cats?

There are quite a few things that you can do in order to make your cats more powerful, so let me tell you about every one of them:

– Level up your cats: by leveling up the cats you unlock new skills. The level cap is locked depending on the stars that the cat currently has, as follows:

1* cat has level cap 50

2* cat has level cap 80

3* cat has level cap 100

4* cat has level cap 120

5* cat has level cap 150

In order to level up the cats you will need Gold and Yarn Balls. For each new level of your cat, it will gain more DPS, HP and Armor, so it’s always good to upgrade the levels to the maximum cap possible.

Once you reach certain levels with the cats (for example 30, 40, 50 and so on) you will need to Advance the cats. That will require Felinium and Gold, and it will let you upgrade the cat even more.

Unlock new Cat skills! The cats will have 3 individual skills and a Leader Skill, which you will unlock as you level up the cats.

Leader skill unlocks at cat level 35.

First skill is unlocked from the start.

Second skill will unlock at cat level 81.

Third skill will unlock at cat level 121.

These skills are very important in taking out the enemies as you advance further and further because you will need every bit of power that you can get.

– Equip better gears for your Agents! Gears are super important too, so it’s good to always have the best ones equipped. It’s a little more rare to run into good Weapons for your cats, so when you do make sure you equip them to your best cats!

– Increase the cats’ level cap! This is a feature which will require quite a lot of dedication, as it needs you to have multiple copies of the same cat, as well as various other same star cats as feed and a ton of Felinium to complete the upgrade.

This will add an extra star to the cat, and in the case of already 5* cats, they will start unlocking silver stars and so on. The level cap will also increase the agents’ stats by 10% for each upgrade to the level cap you do, so it is super good to save the extra duplicate Agents that you have and not retire them just yet.

This would be our complete AFK Cats Agents guide that we have for you right now! What cat agent is your favorite and why? Let me know down in the comments section below, because I would love to learn what your team comp currently looks like!

Also, if you have any questions regarding the game you can leave them down below and I will get back at you ASAP!

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AFK Cats: Best Cats in the Game & Agents Guide

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