Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff has just been launched on iOS and if you’ve given the game a try, you already know that rebuilding Quahog is a lot easier if you have friends to visit for free clams and coins. And we are here to help you get more Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff friends on Facebook if your real, current friends don’t want to play the game.

This is a simple “add me” article for Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, where those interested in getting more friends for the game can post their Facebook URL (preferably in the URL section of the comments, or in the comment itself and others can add them and then become neighbors in the game. Pretty simple and pretty straightforward! But read the Italic stuff below, it’s really important:

Before deciding to post your Facebook profile link in the comment section below in order to get more Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff friends, make sure that you really want to get new people join you. You will probably receive a lot of requests, so be ready for that. Also, understand that we moderate all comments so we will first have to approve it before it goes live on the website. There is no need to post multiple times. Finally, we regularly remove comments to allow the ones at the bottom get the top positions and more friend requests. If you no longer have your profile listed in the comment section, you can post it again.

So have fun and add more Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff friends right now in order to improve your game, get free clams and coins and meet fellow players of this amazing social game! Also, if you need any help with the game, make sure to check out our tips and tricks article!


  1. I’m just curious why do we have to add people on Facebook to play Family Guy cause you can’t play family guy on Facebook it just scares me just adding Random people that I don’t know

  2. Everyday player looking for active players. Friend request me w a message simply saying family guy nieghbors on Facebook.
    Search for Jennifer Murphy Gloden thanks

  3. Can anyone tell me how to add neighbors on a Nokia Lumina Windows phone? I have a couple friends that play the game regularly but I can’t figure out how to add any of them. So someone please help!!! If you help me I will help you and add you as well lol

  4. I have the app downloaded to Windows 8.1 Not connected to facebook but I do have the code for adding me I guess a79ed3e+ not sure how it works but please help me?

  5. do you have to be on Facebook to get neighbour’s? ? i remember not having to befriend 100 people when getting friends for the Simpsons. i don’t want all these random people in my Facebook feed if I have to get facebook

  6. Hello,

    Please add me on Facebook. I enjoy playing Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff very much! This is the link to my facebook account:

    Thanks for adding me!


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