The nice action role playing game Wayward Souls, developed by RocketCat Games, has received a brand new update today, which introduces some new features and more.

The biggest addition of the new update is a new dungeon called The Labyrinth. This dungeon is made up of 20 floors, which is going to take quite a bit to complete. Not only these 20 floors are going to be filled with though enemies, but you will also have to fight a new boss. As an added bonus, all six characters are going to have a new ending so you will have to clear the dungeon six times to see all the new ending sequences.


The new update also includes several new tweaks like increased gold drop rate, quick text skip for epitaph screen and more.

RocketCat has also confirmed that the game is going to receive another update soon. Among the features introduced by this new update will be at least two new dungeons, new achievements and more.

Wayward Souls is now available on the App Store. The game is now a bit more expensive than before, with the price rising with each new update. With several updates currently planned, it’s best to purchase the game as soon as possible if you’re interested in this nice action role playing game.




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