If there’s one problem with modern games, it’s that their difficulty level is not always what hardcore gamers expect. This is actually a natural consequence for the fach that gaming has become more widespread, and not everyone has the desire to play for hours upon hours, learning gameplay systems to overcome some though challenges. Luckily not all developers go down this route, as some of them still provide hardcore gamers with some though to complete games.

That’s definitely the case of RocketCat Games, who has revealed the release date for its though action role playing game called Wayward Souls.


The game was originall called Wayward Saga, but was forced to change it name following the legal struggle between King and Stoic Studio for the use of the world “Saga”.

Even though the name has changed, the game hasn’t. And that’s a great thing, since it’s an old school action role playing game filled with items, monsters and harsh challenges. The game is so though that even the team thinks not many gamers will be able to get far during the game. Still, it’s definitely refreshing to see some though games every now and then. Wayward Souls is definitely not a game for casual gamers, but more dedicated ones will definitely find a lot to like in it.

Wayward Souls will launch on the App Store on April 24th. Make sure to take a look at the game if you’re looking for a real challenge.




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