For quite a while, all the big game developers have started expanding into the mobile gaming space. This is good news for mobile gaming enthusiasts, because now you can play esports titles like Apex Legends and Valorant on your 6-inch screen.

Many of these big titles along with some upcoming exciting games are worth being hyped up about.

8 Games You Should Pre-Register For in 2022

And here’s where you should be hitting the ‘pre-register’ button!

1. Apex Legends Mobile

apex legends mobile
Image via EA

For quite some time, EA and Respawn have been working on a mobile version of their hit battle royale game Apex Legends. The devs have rolled out beta for select regions. If available in your region, you can install it for your device. Other players can pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile.

2. Battlefield Mobile

bf mobile
Image via DICE

After the not-so-good Battlefield 2042, all eyes are fixated on the developers’ next entries, one of which is Battlefield Mobile. With BF Mobile, mobile gamers will get to hop into the iconic wartank, use advanced arsenal, and destroy the surroundings. As of now, the game is in the beta testing stage and is available for pre-registration on Google Play.

3. Diablo Immortal

diablo immortal mobile
Image via Diable Immortal

Your favorite RPG is about to hit your mobile screen. Diablo’s rich lore, iconic characters, and action-packed combat will soon be making its way to your 6-inch device. The stunning graphics and immersive sound effects are more than enough to draw you in. As of now, you can pre-register for the game and wait for it to roll out.

4. Star Wars: Hunters

star wars mobile
Image via Star Wars: Hunters

Another Star Wars game is in the works! This time around, Zynga is taking us for some multiplayer PvP skirmishes in the Star Wars galaxy. Players can dress up as their favorite hunters, equip badass weapons, and team up for 4v4 clashes in the galactic arena. Star Wars: Hunters is in the early access and players can install it.

5. Harry Potter: Magic Awakening

harry potter magic awakening mobile
Image via Magic Awakening

After the AR game Wizards Unite was pulled off the shelves, Potterheads needed another game based on Hogwarts, magic, and their favorite wizards. And fortunately enough, Magic Awakening is an upcoming adventure RPG game. You get to collect cards, make potions, play Quidditch, and battle dragons.

6. DC Heroes & Villains

dc heroes and villains
Image via DC Heroes & Villains

Agreed, there are many games based on Marvel heroes and DC heroes, but this game shakes things up quite a bit. A mysterious force has made all the super heroes and villains powerless. So you have to unlock heroes and villains, train them, and form a powerful squad to battle the bosses.

7. Farlight 84

farlight 84
Image via Farlight 84

With its futuristic setting and colorful characters, Farlight 84 quickly catches the eye. It is a fresh take on the battle royale genre. You hop onto a wasteland in a capsule, take on foes, tackle zombies with laser guns, and fly around with jetpacks. You can download the early access version from the Google Play Store.

8. Merge Skyland

Image via Century Games

Century Games, the studio behind casual games like Family Farm Adventure and Idle Courier, is now working on a cute new game. Merge Skyland is all about solving puzzles, collecting items, redecorating the lands in the skies, and much more. You’ll help the residents, merge items to create useful items, and fly out to discover more regions.

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