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5 Best Food Farms for Minecraft Bedrock

5 Best Food Farms for Minecraft Bedrock

At its core, Minecraft is a survival game where players have to keep their health bar consistently above zero. Failing to do so will kill the player, causing them to drop their items. Players will automatically recover their health if they eat food and keep their hunger bar full. For this reason, food farms are a must-have in Minecraft. This article lists the five best food farms for Minecraft Bedrock.

Which Food Farms are Worth Building in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

1) Hoglin farm

Ever since the 1.20 Nether Update, hoglin farming has been one of the fastest ways to get food in Minecraft. Hoglins have a high spawn rate in crimson forests. Players can build a hoglin farm in crimson forest biomes to quickly obtain tons of cooked pork chop.

Hoglins avoid warped fungi and stay far from them. Players can use warped fungi to force hoglins into a lava pit. After dying to fire damage, hoglins drop 2-4 cooked porkchops.

2) Cow farm

Cows are among the most common animals in Minecraft. Players can kill cows to get leather and raw beef. Players can cook raw beef in a furnace to make steak. However, finding a herd of cows every time you feel hungry can be boring.

Players can build a cow farm to get steaks daily. This farm operates by letting the baby cows drop into a chamber and waiting for them to grow. Once a baby cow turns into an adult, the farm will automatically.

3) Pig farm

Like cows, pigs are also pretty common in Minecraft. If you cannot find cows nearby, you can use pigs as a replacement for cows. Pigs drop 1-3 porkchop when they are killed. As many players don’t have access to the Nether at the start, they can build a pig farm to get porkchops.

4) Chicken cooker

Chicken cooker is one of the oldest food farm designs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Like cow and pig farms, chicken cooker also waits for the baby chickens to grow and then kill them using lava—chickens killed by lava drop cooked chicken meat and feathers.

5) Villager-based crop farms

Villagers have tons of special uses in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Players can use villagers with farmer profession to harvest crops like carrots, wheat, potato, and more. If their inventory is full, villagers will drop the crops on the surface. Players can use hoppers to collect these crops into storage.

This wraps up our list of best food farms in Minecraft Bedrock. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comments!

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5 Best Food Farms for Minecraft Bedrock


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