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How to Make a Cow Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

How to Make a Cow Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Cows are one of the staple animals in Minecraft. Players can get leather and beef by killing cows. Beef is an excellent food item, whereas leather is used for crafting useful things like books, leather armors, and item frames.

Like most Minecraft mobs, cows can also be farmed in efficient ways. Moreover, cow farms are cheap to build and is usually recommended to players starting a new world. In this Minecraft guide, we talk about building a cow farm in Bedrock Edition.

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Cow farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

In Minecraft Java Edition, building a cow farm is extremely easy due to mob cramming. Unfortunately, the same mechanic is not available for Bedrock Edition. Not to worry, as players can build a better cow farm with a little more effort.

Cow farm

In this article, we will follow silentwisperer’s simple cow farm tutorial. silentwisperer’s cow farm has a compact design that takes around a 3×3 block area. This build uses baby cow’s small hitbox to force them into a killing chamber. 

At the top level of the farm, two or more cows are standing on top of iron bars for producing baby cows. Players have to feed wheat to cows to make them breed. When a baby cow is born, it will pass through the space between iron bars and building blocks. 

Baby cows who fall into the killing chamber grow into adults. After they have grown up, players can activate dispensers to kill cows using lava buckets. All drops from cows get collected in a chest through hoppers.

Players can watch silentwisperer’s video to learn more about this farm and its working. To use this farm, players will need wheat for breeding cows. Once the farm is ready, it will produce lots of leather and steak.

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How to Make a Cow Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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