For web designers out there, or simply mobile users who appreciate a well-designed site, there’s nothing more frustrating than when you access a website via your mobile only to find that it’s a mess. We’re talking about a lot of pinching and zooming to find what you want, seemingly hours of scrolling, and designs that simply don’t work on the smaller screen. Even if you’ve got the latest and greatest smartphone, it’s not going to help the site look any better. However, for every poorly designed site out there, thankfully there is one that is an absolute dream to navigate on your phone.

With so much ecommerce and searches happening via smartphones now, if your site isn’t mobile-optimized, then you’re essentially living in the dark ages of the Internet. For online stores especially, where business hinges so heavily on a seamless shopping experience, it pays dividends to have a site catered for smartphone users. And it’s not as if it’s hard to do either, as many ecommerce store templates these days actually come with mobile optimization built-in, so there’s really no excuse for anyone who wants to sell online.

However, laziness or poor design skills definitely aren’t the case for the following websites, as these are fantastic examples of using the smaller screen to its full advantage and really catering for those users on-the-go and with no access to a desktop computer.


It’s no surprise at all that a company like BuzzFeed is on the cutting edge of site design on mobiles. The site practically reinvented how content and entertainment was consumed with their catchy headlines, bright, attractive images, and not to mention all those addictive quizzes. Their mobile site is beautifully presented, with article after article displayed in a way that isn’t overwhelming or distracting. Content is also varied by a video being displayed after several articles, ensuring that users get different forms of entertainment. Their main content (News, Quizzes, Trending) are all easily accessed from the top bar, and their most recent stories are always at the top of the page. They even have emojis in place of words to ask users of what they think of the site design on mobiles, now that’s forward-thinking.

Adrian Zumbrunnen

Who is Adrian Zumbrunnen, you ask? Well, if you visit his mobile site, you’ll discover he’s an ambitious UX designer from Switzerland. Displaying his innovative design skills and talent for keeping up with trends, Zumbrunnen’s site is presented in the form of a text message. After the text pops up onto the screen, you’re given two options – like a ‘choose your own adventure’ story – to keep finding out more info. This is a fun way to tap into the way mobile users talk to each other, as everything is very informal and fun. If you didn’t know about Zumbrunnen before, you will now.


What do mobile users want when they visit a website? If your answer was large, colorful icons, beautiful animations, and presentation that engages from the get-go, then you’re correct. Typeform is a company that provides software to use for things like online forms, surveys, quizzes, and landing pages, and when they have clients such as Apple, Airbnb and Nike, then you know you’re in good company. Everything is a breeze to access and to view, with a ton of white space to make sure you’re not confused or perhaps even click something by mistake. The ‘hamburger’ window pane lets users find out more info simply enough, as the home page is (rightly) left clutter-free with only the necessary links at first glance.


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