Just when you thought it was no longer possible for modern smartphones to up themselves farther, the latest device from Honor has arrived on scene. Dubbed the Honor Pro 8, this brand new variant integrates several new technological upgrades valuable to users who want the best phone experience possible.

Expanding upon nearly all of the key features initially included with the first Honor 8, the Pro places specific emphasis on providing more power and more speed in the performance areas that matter.


Redefining what consumers have come to expect with such an ultra-slim design, the Honor 8 Pro packs a lot of power despite its inherently sleek exterior. With an ample screen size of 5.7-inches and a 4,000mAh battery that allows longer usage times, the Pro aims to please just as much inside as it does out.

A welcome feature for movie fans is the Honor 8 Pro’s Quad HD display, which helps bring users closer to the action and enjoy a cinema-quality experience. Taking this sentiment one step further is the device’s VR integration. Simply fold the Pro’s box into a suitable headset that the phone can easily be slid into. The Honor Pro 8 is designed with providing an immersive experience in mind both in or out of VR.

Life’s most memorable moments can now also be effortlessly captured, with the Honor 8 Pro integrating an upgraded dual 12-megapixel camera both on the front and back of the device. Shooting in 4K means captured videos will be stunningly brought to life upon playback, truly living up to the ‘pro’ name.

The Honor 8 Pro’s improved tech is seen once again when sitting down to enjoy any lengthy gaming session. Thanks to the smartphone’s acute combination of the Vulkan API and Kirin 960 chipset, even when running the most graphically impressive games, processing speeds will be kept fast, stable, and helps to reduce chances of stuttering.



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