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3 Best Support Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

3 Best Support Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

If you’re wondering what beats your Cookie team in Arena battles and in the Bounties, it’s probably a lack of defense. Your team lacks a Cookie or two in the Support, Heal, or Defense area.

Support Cookies can bring a wide variety of skills to the team. They’re a mix of Magic Cookies and Healing Cookies. Some support Cookies will restore HP while others will give you extra buffs.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Top 3 Support Cookies to Add to Your Team

Here are some of the top Support Cookies hand-picked for you.

Cotton Cookie

best support cookies
Cotton Cookie (Image via Cookie Run: Kingdom)

Cotton Cookie is one of the newest Cookies to be added to the game. This is, hands down, the best Support Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. As the Cookie is new, she doesn’t have any bonds.

The vintage lantern that emits warm light in Cotton Cookie’s hands restores HP frequently. Moreover, she can increase the ATK of summoned entities. She also summons a sheep that attacks enemies. The best topping for Cotton Cookie is Swift Chocolate.

Parfait Cookie

best support cookies in cookie run kingdom
Parfait Cookie

The Parfait Cookie is the pop star your Cookie team needs. Parfait Cookie sports a stylish pink outfit with an elaborate hairdo. The Cookie has her own event in the game but does not share a bond with anyone.

The Parfait Cookie takes one of the rear positions. Her special skill ‘Paru-Paru-Parfait’ makes her break into a song. This restores the team’s HP, increases DEF, and makes them immune to debuffs. The best toppings for Parfait Cookie are Swift Chocolate and Searing Raspberry.

You might like to add a powerful Charge Cookie to lead your team as well.

Mint Choco Cookie

support cookies
Mint Choco Cookie

Mint Choco Cookie is another fantastic Support Cookie with musical musings. He has been in the game ever since its release. In the ‘Sparkling Cookie’s Regulars’ he shares a bond with Sparkling Cookie, Vampire Cookie, and Herb Cookie.

His special skill is aptly titled ‘Battlefield Symphony’. The Mint Choco Cookie takes out his violin to restore HP and boost the ATK SPD of the team. The best topping for Mint Choco Cookie is Swift Chocolate.

Turns out, Cookie Run: Kingdom has a lot of Support Cookies and some great Cookies couldn’t make it to the list. Out of those, Pomegranate Cookie, Clover Cookie, and Lilac Cookie deserve a special mention.

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3 Best Support Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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