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3 Best Bomber Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

3 Best Bomber Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom has a whole separate category for the Bomber Cookies. They usually occupy one of the rear or mid positions. In Arena Battles, Bomber Cookies can deal heavy damage to enemies who are bunched together.

Bomber Cookies with Ranged Cookies, can do a lot of damage. As of now, the game has five Bomber Cookies. From among those, we picked three of the best Cookies that you can add to your team.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – 3 Best Bomber Cookies to Deal Damage

Here are our top picks from the Bomber Cookie class.

Sea Fairy Cookie

bomber cookies in cookie run kingdom
Sea Fairy Cookie

Undoubtedly, Sea Fairy Cookie tops this list as it is one of the Legendary Cookies in the game. As you can guess, you have to be very lucky to unlock this Cookie. The Sea Fairy Cookie takes a middle position.

Sea Fairy Cookie’s special skill is ‘Soaring Compassion’. With this skill, she fires water and stuns the five closest enemies. Over time, a pool of water forms on the ground and deals additional damage to the foes.

Poison Mushroom Cookie

best bomber cookies
Poison Mushroom Cookie

The Poison Mushroom Cookie is an Epic Bomber Cookie and takes a seat in one of the mid positions. They feature alongside the Fig Cookie and Licorice Cookie in the ‘Operation Poison Mushroom’ bond story.

Their special talent is planting poisonous mushrooms on the battlefield. Enemies affected by the poison act weird and take damage. For the best results, you can use the Searing Raspberry topping.

Gumball Cookie

bomber cookies
Gumball Cookie

The Gumball Cookie is one of the Rare Bomber Cookies in the game that occupies one of the rear seats. He shares a bond with the Pancake Cookie and Cherry Cookie in the ‘Night of Tricksters’ story.

With his special skill ‘Art-illery’, Gumball Cookie three colorful bubblegums at the enemies causing area damage. The best topping for Gumball Cookie is Searing Raspberry.

As such, you can replace the Gumball Cookie with Alchemist Cookie and Cherry Cookie. Both of them are Rare Bomber Cookies. They are all

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3 Best Bomber Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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