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3 Best Defense Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

3 Best Defense Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom
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A strong squad in Cookie Run: Kingdom strikes the right balance between attack and defense. You can add Cookies from various classes to the team in front, mid, or rear positions.

The Defense Cookies typically occupy the front position. You can replace the Charge Cookies with Defense Cookies and back them up with Ambush or Magic Cookies. Defense Cookies are loaded with HP. Moreover, these Cookies provide buffs to allies or give debuffs to enemies. Listed below are some of the best defense cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – 3 Best Defense Cookies to Shield Your Team

Your hunt for a strong Defense Cookie ends here.

Hollyberry Cookie

defense cookies cookie run kingdom
Hollyberry Cookie

Hollyberry Cookie is one of the two Ancient Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom. She does not share any bonds with other Cookies. Her special skill is ‘Oath on the Shield’ wherein the Cookie lunges at the enemies. At the same time, the Cookie acts as a shield for the team. The best toppings for Hollyberry Cookie are Solid Almond and Swift Chocolate.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie

defense cookie
Strawberry Crepe Cookie

The Strawberry Crepe Cookie is one of the best Defense Cookies in the Cookie Run: Kingdom. Interestingly, they take on the role of an antagonist before joining the Cookies. They have a bond with the Black Raisin Cookie in the ‘Coin Toss Match’ bond story.

Their special skill is ‘Crepe Thrust’ wherein the Cookie causes area damage with enormous crepe hands. They also reduce DMG received by two teammates with the lowest HP.

Moon Rabbit Cookie

cookie run kingdom defense cookie
Moon Rabbit Cookie

Moon Rabbit Cookie is a fan favorite and you will find her in many squads. Her special skill ‘Giant Rice Cake Bunny’ literally turns her into a jumbo rice cake. She then jumps and stomps on enemies to deal damage. At the same time, Moon Rabbit Cookie restores HP of her team.

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3 Best Defense Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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