Grandpa is traveling through time again with his newfangled time machine, but he’s gotten himself stuck in an era full of primeval zombies! ZombieSmash! Time Travel is a survival action game where you have to help grandpa defend his house his trusty guns and crazy bombs! Our ZombieSmash! Time Travel cheats and tips will help you get grandpa back to his own time!

ZombieSmash is a fun and quick game to pick up and play, but it gets very challenging very quickly, so let’s get right to it with our ZombieSmash! Time Travel cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Try to blast multiple zombies!

Your starting weapon, the good ol’ Shotgun, actually deals damage in small areas. Try tapping on a spot where you see multiple zombies stacked, and you should be able to hit both of them with one blast. This is important to get the hang of early on, as the Shotgun starts with a small clip and reloads somewhat slow. It’s your only weapon for a while too, so get used to it while you can!

Be careful with multiple weapons!

As you progress through the map, you’ll automatically unlock new weapons and tools for your base. You can also spend coins to unlock them right away, but we recommend holding onto your coins and save them for upgrades. Anyways, the first weapon you unlock is the Uzi on day 6. Having a backup weapon is great for emergencies, but there’s one important thing to keep in mind: your secondary weapons aren’t reloaded automatically when they’re put away.

This means that when you have the Uzi equipped, your shotgun will stay loaded when you switched. If you switched when you had no shells, you will still have no shells when you switch back. Keep this in mind – you don’t want to switch to an empty secondary weapon in a pinch!

Keep farming coins!

We’ll be honest – ZombieSmash starts out a little rough. By the time you hit day 5, you’ll already start to have a tough time. Don’t worry about failing though! Even when you lose a day, you’ll be able to keep all the coins you’ve collected up to that point. You’re even given the option to watch an advertisement to double your coins, and if you’ve got the time we recommend you do so. You need a lot of upgrades for the shotgun to stand a chance, so keep farming those coins.

Don’t be afraid to use your explosives!

Explosives are given to you for free at a pretty generous rate – you know those presents that swoop in from the sky? The basic Black Bomb is a good tool for clearing out a small area, but be sure you aim it well; the Black Bomb’s blast radius is deceptively small. The Acid Bottle is great to use on groups of slower zombies, as the acid slowly chips away at their health. Remember that you can upgrade these explosives just like you would with regular weapons to increase their potency.

Reload before unloading!

One caveat to the shotgun is to let yourself reload it a bit before you fire. It’s slightly faster to unload a bunch of shells than it is to shoot them one by one. When you completely empty out your shotgun, there’s a slight delay before you start reloading. Try to make a habit of not letting the shotgun run completely dry and instead give yourself some time to reload in between waves of zombies.

That’s all for ZombieSmash! Time Travel! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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