Zombies have taken over the world! You take your chances and duck into the nearest… DIY store?! Zombies vs. DIY Store is an idle clicker game with a DIY twist! Our Zombies vs. DIY Store cheats and tips will show you how to get crafty and put together the sickest zombie slaying contraptions and devices! Tap away to take out the zombies with your awesome inventions!

Even though it’s an clicker game, there’s some crafting to do here, so put on your thinking cap and do it yourself with our Zombies vs. DIY Store cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep unlocking items!

Each item that you can purchase with ZP will add to your idle ZP generation, which is how much ZP your DIY store earns over time when you’re not actively playing the game. The better items cost more ZP, but they give more ZP generation. You can also buy multiples of the same item to further increase how much ZP it generates, but this isn’t usually necessary as it’s better to just save up and buy the next item.

You can also equip them to boost your tap power, but beware that the item’s tap power is not affected by how many items you have. For example, the Matches have a tap power of 1ZP. If you buy 30 of them, they’ll generate 30 ZP a second automatically, but they will still do 1ZP worth of tap damage. That’s why it’s much better to…

Equip the DIY items!

Equip the DIY items to dramatically boost your tap power! If you scroll all the way down on the Items tab, you’ll see the DIY items you’ve crafted so far. The DIY items have much, much higher tap power than the base items, so be sure to equip your best one to earn some real ZP.

Sample DIY combos!

  1. Explosive powder – You make this automatically!
  2. Spiky shopping cart – Screwdriver + Shopping cart
  3. Spiked bat – Nails + Bat
  4. Tin launcher – Cat food + Tennis Racket
  5. Thriller – CD + CD player
  6. Engulfing flames – Burner + Gasoline

That’s just to get you started. You can usually put together what items you need by examining the silhouette closely and reading the description. They leave pretty big clues behind!

Rapid tap for lots of ZP!

Something we always like to recommend with these clicker/tapper games is the 3-finger tap. If you’re trying to actively collect ZP, equip your best DIY item and then use 3 fingers to rapidly tap the screen. Don’t tap the screen with all three fingers at once – alternate between them like you’re getting really impatient! Your device should register all different taps and you’ll get a ton of ZP this way.

Even better – sometimes you’ll see a potion with an exclamation mark icon at the bottom left. Tapping this will ask you if you want to watch an advertisement, and doing so will reward you with a free AZ3. AZ3 potions will triple your tap ZP gain for 20 seconds. Use this in combination with your rapid taps to earn the big bucks!

That’s all for Zombies vs. DIY Store tips and tricks! Got any other zombie slaying tips? Let us know in the comments below!



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