As a huge fan of anything related to zombies, I find it pretty strange that I never gave the classic board game Zombies!!! a try so far. Things are fortunately going to change soon as developers Babaroga have just launched and iPhone and iPad version of Zombies!!! which can be purchased from the iTunes store.

Your goal in the game is to make it alive to the rescue helicopter, while racing against other opponents (human in multiplayer or AI-controlled) and, of course, the brains-hungry zombies. Apparently, there’s room for cooperation and treachery and all the fun involved by dice rolling. Because survival is, in the end, a matter of luck too!


The iOS edition of Zombies!!! comes with three different game modes: Standard (the classic game following all the rules of the tabletop game), Generated Town Mode which comes with a pre-rendered mode and Survival mode where you are alone and challenged to last for as long as possible.

So if you are a fan of anything zombie, board games involving zombies and you have $4.99 to spare, Zombies!!! for iPhone and iPad is the best choice for you, available over at iTunes.



  1. Hi! I’m Charles, Community Manager over at Babaroga – the developers of Zombies!!!

    Thanks so much for covering our game! Would you be alright with me posting this on our Twitter / Facebook?


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