Zombie Stampede Cheats: Tips And Tricks


If you are having problems surviving the Zombie apocalypse in Zombie Stampede, fear not. Keep reading this Zombie Stampede Cheats: Tips and Tricks guide to leanr some useful survival tips that will definitely improve your chances to make it out alive in the game.

Zombie Stampede is a role playing game where you will have to survive, as mentioned before, a Zombie apocalypse. Luckily you aren’t completely helpless and at the mercy of the undead, as you will have plenty of chances to strengthen your team and show the undead that the living are always a step ahead. Or should always be, depending on how strong your team actually is.

  • Positioning Your Team

Placing your team members correctly is one of the most important things to do in Zombie Stampede. Each character has a specific set of attributes and abilities that make them more effective depending on the chosen position. Characters with sniper rifles should always be put in the very back while melee fighters should always take the front. Doing otherwise will only ensure that you will die a quick and painful death.

  • Powering Up Your Team

Those who know a lot about Zombies will surely know that it’s impossible to dave everyone. This proves to be even more correct than usual in Zombie Stampede: only the strong will survive. For this reason, it’s always better to focus your upgrading efforts on those characters who have the rarest rating, since they will enjoy better statistics once enhanced.

Once a character has reached his maximum level, it will be possible to Evolve them. Right after the evolution process, the character will be the same as he used to be, as if not even a bit weaker than before. The real benefits of evolution will come after you start enhancing the character again, as his stats will increase quickly.

  • Grinding

Needless to say, to enhance and evolve characters in Zombie Stampede you will have to do quite a bit of grinding. Older stages are the best way to do so, as this will allow you to earn more zombie juice which can be used, in turn, to enhance your characters.


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Zombie Stampede Cheats: Tips And Tricks


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