It’s time to go on a safari! One thing though – this ain’t your ordinary safari! We’re hunting zombies! Zombie Safari is an open world action/racing game full of extreme locales and lots and LOTS of zombies. Pick your favorite car, outfit it with upgrades, and explore the environments.

There are lots of challenges scattered around the map for you to do. Wanna race? There’s a challenge for that! Wanna jump through rings? There’s a challenge for that too! Wanna just blow up some zombies? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got some zombie hunting tips and tricks for you in our Zombie Safari cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


1. Don’t spend your gems on car upgrades!

You can upgrade any of your cars at any time by spending a certain amount of gems, with higher levels costing more. You shouldn’t do this, however, and instead save your gems for weapon upgrades. Chests have a chance to contain car parts, with each car having its own set of parts. If you collect a certain amount of these parts, you’ll be able to upgrade that car for free! Of course, if you REALLY need the car upgrade right away, go ahead and spend your gems.

2. Kill lots of zombies for the time bonus!

Eventually you’ll start receiving loot chests that require and hour or more to open. This is quite the wait, but thankfully there are ways to speed it up. Aside from the obvious gem spender way, zombies actually have a chance to drop a stopwatch item when you’re currently opening a chest. These stopwatches will take five minutes off of your current chest timer!

A good strategy to follow is to start up a boss or survival challenge. You’ve surely noticed that during these challenges a TON of normal zombies spawn in the area, so that’s a lot of chances to find some stopwatches. For survival challenges, you just have to simply win the challenge. At the end any remaining zombies will automatically die, and they still have a chance to drop items as normal.

3. Watch out for the explosive zombies!

In addition to the normal zombies, watch out for the special zombies! One particular is the big zombie. These zombies are pretty rotund and they’re covered in red spots. If they spot you you’ll see a red exclamation mark over their heads. Be careful! If they’ve been alerted to your presence, they’ll self-destruct if they reach you. This does massive damage to your car if not outright destroying it in one hit. Try to take these guys out with a gun to avoid any potential damage. Additionally, if you can sneak up on them, you can run them over safely. The explosive zombies will only detonate if they’re actively chasing you.

4. Look for mounted guns during boss challenges!

Boss challenges are usually going to be the hardest challenges you come across. Not only do you face off against one super powered zombie, it’ll have tons of reinforcements to make matters worse. Don’t lose hope! In certain arenas, you’ll see mounted guns lying around with a green marker next to them. If you park yourself on the marker and wait there for a couple of seconds, the mounted gun will activate and automatically fire at anything in its line of sight. These guns are invaluable during these fights as you can just lure the boss in front of them and let them go to town.

5. Be sure to explore!

If you’re tired to trying challenges, feel free to just kick back and drive around aimlessly! You’re bound to find some random goodies lying around like chests and gems. Remember that you can consult your minimap at any time to see which challenges are left unfinished, so don’t worry about getting lost. Also, don’t feel pressure to 100% complete a zone. The only thing that’s stopping you from going into new zones is the level requirement, so if you’re high enough level and the current scenery is getting a little dull, why not change things up?

That’s all for Zombie Safari! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!




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