The undead have sieged the city and now it’s up to you to take them out. Take control of a member of an elite military team to wipe out all traces of the undead throughout the city. Defend assets, protect the civilians, gather supplies, and most important take down any undead you see. We’ll help you become a top-notch zombie slayer with ourĀ Zombie Objective cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. You can turn auto fire off in the options!


This might be a personal choice, but for us, we found out that turning off automatic fire in the options was better. Auto fire when you have your crosshairs on the zombies is a little too haphazard, as you’ll waste plenty of bullets you didn’t mean to fire. Turning it off also gives you more accuracy and a chance to get a headshot off. At the same time though, when you do turn off auto fire, the fire button is added to the interface and its position on the screen is a little cumbersome. Experiment and see which setting you like the best!

2. Aim for headshots! Or just use a melee weapon and go nuts!

You get bonus cash for every headshot you pull off, so don’t just spray and pray! You also get a flat bonus whenever you kill with a melee weapon as well. That’s why I’d advise you to turn of auto fire if you’re going for headshots. But if you want easy bonus cash, bring a melee weapon with you into a mission. Be sure to upgrade it a bit though!

3. Change up your armor to your liking!

There are three different pieces of armor: helmets, body armors, and shoes. They all determine different things, and some will be better than others.

  • Helmets grants accuracy and maximum health bonuses.
  • Armor grants reload speed and maximum health bonuses.
  • Shoes grants run speed and maximum health bonuses.

Be sure to keep your equipment up to date when you can afford the better gear.

4. The gather missions are the shortest!

In our time playing Zombie Objective, it seems like the missions that take the least amount of time are the gather missions. These are the missions where you need to go out and collect a box of supplies and bring it back to the drop off point. If you know the layouts of the maps, you can do these missions in under a minute. Arguable this also applies to the survival missions where you need to hold out for around a minute, so pick which one you like more!

5. Look for the harder difficulty missions for more money!

Need more money? Take on the harder missions! The regular silver skulls are the most basic types of missions. They’re easy to do but they don’t offer many rewards. Just be sure that you’re properly equipped and you’ll be fine!

6. Using a melee weapon? Bob’n’weave!

A trick to using a melee weapon is to wait for a zombie to get very close, swing, then take a step back. Try to get into the motion of swinging while rapidly inching backwards tiny by tiny bit. With enough practice, you’ll get the timing down and you’ll be able to pop off hits without any retaliation.

That should be good to send you off on your zombie slaying journey. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



  1. hi Jeremy. I’ve played zombie objective and I earned a lot of money by screen is small in size (Samsung galaxy star Gts5282) so it was a gr8 problem for me.but using logic I can kill bosses easily. your suggestions are gr8. but I have seen some box like structure and I climb on them and ya headshots begun.


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