Today, Zombie Highway 2 has been launched, the sequel to one of my favorite and surely one of the most popular endless driving zombie-themed games out there. With a lot of improvements in both gameplay and graphics, this one is surely here to stay with us for a while and we plan to help you as much as possible by sharing some Zombie Highway 2 cheats and tips, a complete strategy guide that will get you as close as possible to your objectives.

So if you want to keep on going and get better, read on for Touch Tap Play’s Zombie Highway 2 tips and cheats below!


1. Focus on your objectives
The most important part early on is completing as many objectives as possible, because this unlocks new and better weapons, as well as new and better vehicles. Some of the early objectives are really easy to complete and getting to the Survivor rank is a piece of cake so make sure you get there as fast as possible without caring about upgrades too much.

2. Use the Nitro carefully
The best part of the Nitro is that it prevents many zombies from grabbing onto your car so even though it’s easier to use it early on because there are less obstacles, it makes a bit more sense to save it for later on when things get more complicated. Use it when you see that there is a relatively safe, straight line ahead and practice until you can drive without much problems with the nitro on. This is the key to getting as far as possible!

3. Shoot the stunned zombies
When you scrape a zombie off an object, they will hang onto one hand. That’s when they are extremely vulnerable, and that’s when you should shoot them, otherwise you will cause less damage and it’s not really worth it.

4. Upgrade your weapons
As soon you unlock the SASG-30 (or maybe even from the M4) you should start upgrading your weapons. Each has three possible upgrades, increasing various stats from damage to clip size and ammo. Test out all the weapons, see which works best for you and upgrade them to the maximum to get the most out of them!

5. Use the Rewind carefully
The Rewind option can be indeed useful in some situations, but in most it’s not so make sure you only use it when you can change something by getting the three seconds back. If you get rolled over by the zombies and your weapon has to recharge, then you will probably not be able to get too much from a rewind anyway. So save those for when they can really make a difference and always go with the free ones first – but be careful as they are not there as an unlimited option.

6. Learn your zombies
It’s very important to learn the zombies that you are facing and especially the damage that they can do. Some will easily roll your car over, while others can hang there and try but never achieve much. Some require more shots than others – and you should learn all these details to know exactly how to tackle them. Remember that you can’t have more than two zombies on the side of your car, so sometimes it might be a better idea to keep two really poor ones on the side for as long as possible as it will actually give you the chance to get further.

These would be for now our Zombie Highway 2 tips and tricks. If you have other strategies that work, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below!



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