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Zombie Haters Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Zombie Haters Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Where are all the haters at!? We hate zombies, and we bet you do too. Zombie Haters is a top-down shooter where you can take out all that frustration on the living dead by blasting them to smithereens. Our Zombie Haters cheats and tips will show you how to channel your hatred for maximum zombie slaying efficiency!

Zombie Haters is a fast-paced top-down shooter, so quick reflexes are the name of the game here. Let’s get started with our Zombie Haters cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Always find new survivors!

Survivors that need your help will be highlighted by a green arrow. Follow it, and watch the meters decrease as you get closer. Rescued survivors will join your team and add quite a bit of firepower to the squad’s damage output.

Looking for new survivors is the most important thing you can do in order to up your chances of survival. Just having another survivor increases your attack power by a lot, so always be on the move.

Stay on the move and do not get flanked!

You should be able to deal with regular hordes of zombies by sticking and moving while shooting them as they are giving chase. As you probably know, it is really important to stay on the move. Watch your environments though and do not get caught in a dead end – this is especially important when you are fighting against a boss.

Bosses can often one-shot your haters, so you need to avoid getting hit at all costs. Be aware that other zombie hordes can join the fray as you are dealing with a boss, so do not run in one direction too much.

Clear the achievements and wanted list!

Be sure to check in on your achievements every now and then – you will see a red notification dot next to the crown icon on the main menu if you have unclaimed achievements. The achievements in this game are milestone achievements, so you can get them by simply killing enough zombies, leveling up enough times, and so forth. They are worth a lot of coins, so make sure to claim them!

In addition to the achievements, there is also the wanted list. Every time you down a boss in a world for the first time, you will claim their bounty on the wanted list. However, just like the achievements, this reward must be collected manually.

Beware of special zombies!

Certain zombies will glow with a colored aura – this let’s you know that these are special zombies. Zombies with the bright light blue aura are armored, so they have a little more health than the typical zombies does. Zombies with the red aura are extra aggressive, and they will leap at your haters once they are close enough. Beware of these zombies!

Unlock more characters!

Every hater survivor in this game can be unlocked through leveling up. Once you hit a certain level up, more haters will be unlocked and you can even start finding them as extra haters during the game. The higher level ones have better base stats, and they can even improve further. If you look in the profile page of each hater, you will see that they each have their own levels at which they rank up. Ranking up increases their stats a lot, so do it often!

That’s all for Zombie Haters! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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