Yummy Mania is another match-3 puzzle game that tasks you with matching various sweets. If you’ve played Candy Crush Saga, you’ll be right at home here. Match as much as possible before you run out of moves, and create as many chain reactions as you can! Travel through the deliciously themed world with the help of our Yummy Mania cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Take your time!

No rush! There is no timer that’s going against you, so take it slow. This is especially important because your moves are limited, so think hard about what you’re going to match next and always be thinking one step ahead.

2. Match powered up sweets to gain more points!

In each level, you need to match a certain quota of sweets. You’re thinking of matching only 3 at a time, right? Think bigger! Whenever you make a match, the surrounding sweets will be “powered up”. You’ll see a little number at the bottom left corner of a sweet; this corresponds to how much that sweet is worth. The more combos you do around the sweets the higher the number will get. For example, if you match three lovecakes that are all level 2, that whole match would be worth 6 points towards your quota!

3. Match the special formations for amazing chain reactions!

Cool things will happen if you match in specific patterns! So far, the ones I’ve discovered are:

  • 4-match: Depending on whether or not the match is vertical or horizontal, it’ll shoot out a power beam corresponding to its formation that powers up sweets by an increased amount nearby.
  • 5-match: Sweets all over the board that are the same as the 5-matching ones are all collected, giving you a big bonus to your score!
  • “L” or “+” match: This has the same effect as the 4-match, but instead of shooting a beam through one direction, it shoots both horizontally and vertically!

Experiment and see if you can find more!

4. Prioritize the orange candy!

There are levels where you need to break sweets that are hiding inside orange candy. Doing so is as simple as matching sweets that are inside the candy, but be sure to do this first as this is a requirement to beating the level, on top of matching to your quota! It’s a bit tricky as the orange candy is static, so you need the right pieces to fall into the right places. If you’re having trouble getting the right sweets, trying matching from below the orange candy; this will make different types of sweets fall in.

5. Use your cherries to help with the fight against Piquant Monkey!

At the end of the first world, you have to do battle against Piquant Monkey. You have to match like usual, except each match you do brings down Monkey’s health. As you can probably guess, the bigger your combo, the more damage you’ll do against him. Before the fight, you can opt to use your strawberries to increase the power of your matches. So far I’ve found nothing else to spend strawberries on, so feel free to do this if it’s too hard.

6. Boosters!

If you’re really stuck, try using some of your booster items. They’re all pretty useful, in particular the cake shovel that lets you destroy any specific sweet. Be warned however, as aside from the free ones you get at the beginning of the game, you have to purchase additional boosters with crystals, which require real money. Only use your free ones if you’re very close to beating a hard level!

There you have it. Much like other match-3 games, there is heavy reliance on luck, so even if you do your best there are times where you just won’t be able to complete a level. Don’t give though, keep trying, but most importantly have fun! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below! Until next time!

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  1. How do you pass the first lock? have three stars on most levels but won’t let me pass the first lock without buying something. don’t like paying for free games. it’s for fun not profit.

  2. Can someone please explain to me what the strawberries are for, please? I have about 3,000 of them and no clue what do with them. Thank you for your help and time.


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