Yulgang Global Best Class For Beginners

Yulgang Global Best Class For Beginners

Yulgang Global is a new exciting MMORPG based on Korean comic strips of the same name. The comic is so popular that it has over a billion subscribers worldwide. In this game, you can plunge into the world of adventure and participate in all the events of this franchise. The developers have tried and created a game that really reflects the universe of comics. Players will not only be able to have a good time, but also earn money. The game is developed according to the P2E model, that is, you have every chance to earn real money.

Just like any other MMORPG, Yulgang Global offers several available classes to play. Everyone is faced with this question, “What class should I start the game with?” The answer to this question depends on many different factors. Basically, the choice of class is related to your personal preferences and style of play. Keep in mind that each class has its own strengths and weaknesses.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the eight different classes at Yulgang Global, their pros and cons, and our personal recommendations on which ones to pick. Let’s get started.

Warden – Defence Character

Warden is a typical warrior with high health and high stamina. He also has many abilities that allow him to excel in combat. Excellent protection makes them a suitable class for beginners. You will be able to survive all the attacks of enemies.

If you’re looking for a class that you can just go hunting with and not worry about enemy attacks, then Warden is a great choice. However, this class does not have high damage. Next, we will look at classes that focus on attacking and dealing high damage to the enemy.

Saber – Ultimate Melee Fighter

If we are talking about a high level of attack, then you should pay attention to the representatives of the Saber class. They are analogous to Warden – also easy to use. However, they are more focused on dealing damage. Saber doesn’t have a high defense like Warden, but he compensates for it with his high damage against opponents. No enemy will be able to fight you back.

The Saber is the perfect choice for those players who like to rush into the fights and scatter all the enemies in a couple of hits.

Lancer – Large Weapons, High Damage

Lancer is arguably one of the best classes in the game. This is due to the fact that in addition to their high attack level, they have AoE skills and some negative skills that help control the enemy. This set of skills and other features of the class do not allow you to play in auto-battle mode. We recommend this class to more experienced players.

However, you can still use characters of this class to hunt characters in automatic mode.

Archer – Huge Ranged Damage

Representatives of this class mostly play alone and have a large pool of skills so as not to rely on other characters. This is a very formidable class and its representatives can impose negative effects, and then make a crushing blow to the enemy. The disadvantage of this class is that they have a very low level of protection. Players should always keep strategy in mind and move wisely around the battlefield to avoid direct hits.

We do not recommend beginners to start with this class. You will need some time to get used to the game and develop a competent strategy for this class. In a group, characters of this class will deal the most damage, especially if there are tanks in the group that can hold back all enemy attacks.

Doctor – Healer

This is the only class in Yulgang Global that can heal your characters in the game. The Doctor is one of the most popular and sought-after classes in the game, especially for players in groups. Their amazing buffing and healing abilities are a welcome addition to any group. They also have attacking skills with which they can complete single missions.

The Doctor class is great for all players who like to play support classes.

Assassin – Paralyzes Enemies

One of the strongest classes in the game, excelling not only in dealing direct damage but also in destroying enemies with various negative skills. They also have their own cool tricks, such as invisibility, traps, stuns, AoE skills, and even debuffs that can reduce an enemy’s health.

This class will suit professional players and will take a long time to master. If you like to think and strategize before jumping into a fight then this class is for you.

Warlock – AoE Master

No MMORPG is complete without wizards and mages. In Yulgang Global, these are characters of the Warlock class.

Warlock’s skill set is quite simple: powerful AoE attacks and various debuffs. With such a set of skills, representatives of this class can quite fight on their own and stand against several enemies.

Boxer – Fancy Class

This is a weird class. It is not as easy to control, but does not deal high damage and does not have a high level of protection. They specialize in martial arts techniques using their fists. They can also heal themselves. However, both their damage and healing levels leave much to be desired.

This class can be chosen by players who like the very concept of characters. A muscular wrestler who only fights enemies with his fists. However, to unlock this class, you need to reach level 60 and complete special training.

This concludes our article. What do you think is the best class at Yulgang Global? Share your options in the comments below!

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Yulgang Global Best Class For Beginners


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