Yuki Outfits List in Rune Factory 5


In any good RPG, players can customize their characters, and Rune Factory 5 is no exception. In addition to a fascinating storyline and a wide variety of activities, the game also has a huge selection of different outfits. They can be obtained in various ways, including buying them in shops. And in this guide, we will tell you about all Yuki outfits.

List of Yuki Outfits 

When you first start playing Rune Factory 5, you get a few starting outfits. Here is a list of what you will receive immediately:

  • Casual Outfit
  • SEED Ranger Uniform Outfit

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To get more diverse outfits, you will have to accumulate a lot of Gold. Next, you will need to find Yuki and Randolph’s bakery in the city. There, you can buy not only cooking recipe bread, but also a lot of different outfits. Before this, however, you will have to make one expansion of the bakery. After that, Yuki will start selling outfits. Here is a list of every outfit you can buy:

  • Pajamas – 980G
  • Swimsuit – 1,500G
  • Snow Formal – 24,000G
  • Cerezo Formal – 24,000G
  • Sky Formal – 24,000G
  • Cool Casual – 2,800G
  • Pop Casual – 2,800G
  • Red Armor – 30,000G
  • Heavy Armor – 30,000G
  • Soldier – 30,000G
  • Green Wizard – 36,000G
  • Blue Wizard – 36,000G
  • Purple Wizard – 36,000G

To change your outfit, you need to go to the wardrobe in your room. After interacting with it, you can choose which outfit to wear. Also, be careful, because the wardrobe is breakable, and creating a new one will cost you a lot.

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Yuki Outfits List in Rune Factory 5


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