Will Wright, the creator and designer of famous hits like SimCityThe Sims, and Spore, has announced a new game titled Proxi. The game is currently in development at Wright’s own development studio, Gallium Artists. Proxi is a simulation game that lets players build radical worlds from their own memories.

If you’ve played any of the aforementioned games, then you know that Wright’s games have a very unique flavor to them. They’re very much rooted in the creative potential games allow for, and Wright loves to give players all the tools they need to make their own story.

Whether this meant you were the newly appointed mayor of a fledgling city, or a small little Sim trying to make it big in their neighborhood, or even a little microscopic organism, your story was yours and yours alone.

Proxi, with what little we know of it so far, seems to be based in the same kind of structure. To make this wild idea a reality, Will Wright is asking for the help of creative artists.

Will Wright and Gallium Artists have partnered with Unity to create the Proxi Art Challenge. You can read the full details and entry rules on the official website. They’re looking for a 3D artist to help with the art in Proxi, and the winner of the challenge will have the opportunity to work with Wright himself!

To enter, you’ll need to create three personal memories that are represented by environmental scenes. Your scenes must be built from scratch and cannot use any assets from the Unity store.

Once you have your three scenes, you’ll need to build a video which showcases your scenes and what memories they represent. Finally, you must write one article in which you fully explain your 3D modeling process.

If you’re a 3D artist, why not try the challenge? We think it’d be a great experience! Head on over to the website for the full details, and we wish you the best of luck! Meanwhile, we’ll be here waiting for Proxi, as we’re big fans of Wright’s previous games.


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