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Yokai Tamer Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

Yokai Tamer Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our Yokai Tamer tips and cheats to get stronger and teach you how to make a character that can reach the top (and get married in the process)!

Since this game has a lot of features, I am going to cover all of the most important ones with you, because you will want to always be at your peak – no matter if it comes to gear or mount, or even your Miko. So what we want to do is tell you all of our tricks that we’ve got up our sleeves to level up fast!

Therefore let us dive right into the Yokai Tamer tips and tricks right here below and check out how you can get more powerful and how you can level up quickly – very quickly!

Follow the main quest at start

As soon as you start playing the game, you should start completing all of the main quest objectives. These will guide you through most of the features and help you unlock a mount, a Miko and much more.

The fastest way to level up is to complete these quests ASAP because the EXP you will receive is quite good and once you’ve progressed enough to unlock the dungeons, that’s where your levels will start peaking.

After you unlocked the dungeons you can start doing them to obtain better gears and earn a lot of EXP (from EXP Dungeon, but we will detail more about that below) and with these you should be able to do a lot of the game’s content without having to worry about not meeting the requirements.

Do side quests and daily quests

The side quests and daily quests are just as important as the main quests, because they will give you a lot of Coins in return and also plenty of EXP to make a big difference. If you only stick to the main quests you will progress, but not nearly as quick as if you’d complete all of the side quests on your way.

These side quests will have the text Sub in front of them and they can be anything from killing X monsters to talking to certain NPCs and doing dungeons – or upgrading gears. It’s really simple to do them, and you might’ve already done a few without even realizing it.

As for the daily quests, there are about 20 daily quests in a chain which will give you a lot of EXP as well and progress towards the daily goal. So by all means, try to do them every single day all of the daily quests because they will give you plenty of useful rewards.

The good part about the daily quests is that you can start one of them and your character can automatically complete it. So all that you have to do is let it Auto-bot and it will work towards completing every stage of the daily quests. You can do this while you are busy IRL, just leave your character idly botting and it will do the progress for you.

Do the daily dungeons

Every single day you will have a few dungeons which you should try to complete, because they will not only give you great EXP but also help you acquire a lot of good gears. I suggest that you don’t miss doing those two dungeons because they will be especially good:

EXP Dungeon

This one can be done by heading on to the Dungeon -> Multi Player -> EXP Vault and there you will have to match up with 2 other people to adventure into the EXP Vault. This is a 3-player dungeon and it will give you a ton of EXP.

My tip here: Always make sure to activate the Battlecry with Coin 5 times, which costs 2000 Coins per activation. This will increase your EXP gained from the dungeon and it is definitely worth it. You can also spend Jades to activate 5 times more EXP, but that’s entirely up to you. Just make sure that you activate the Coins Battlecry.

Gear Dungeon

Head on to Dungeons -> Multi Player -> Gear Dungeon and here you can either Single enter or queue up to form a team of 3 players. I always prefer to go for the Solo dungeon because you can enter at any time and you will get good gears nonetheless. Usually people don’t queue up for Gear Dungeon in multiplayer, so if you want to that you might have to wait a long time.

Single Dungeons

The Single Dungeons can be found in the Dungeon -> Single and there you will have Mitama Tower and Miko Dungeon. They are both good, so whenever you can try to do them because they will give you useful stuff, especially Mitama Tower. However, this one becomes increasingly more difficult with each stage so always try to upgrade your CP before advancing further.

Do Mitama Tower whenever you upgrade your CP

The Mitama Tower is a Single Dungeon which will let you equip Mitama, which are something like cards which give you extra useful stats. You should always try to advance as much as you can in Mitama Tower because the more you advance the more cards you will be able to equip.

If you check out the fold menu on the bottom right side and head on to the Mitama tab you will see what is the stage required to pass in order to unlock new Mitama card slots. Try to pass these, but if you fail don’t worry – it will happen at some point since this is a pretty tough dungeon.

Just try to advance as much as you can and when you cannot go any further, take a break from Mitama Dungeon and make upgrades then try again.

Equip Mitama Cards

Those are the reason why you are doing this dungeon in the first place. As you pass each level, you will receive chests which contain various cards. Always equip the best ones, so Purple and above.

Also, make sure that you disenchant the cards which you don’t use or have duplicates of and are not really amazing (such as TEN, EVA and such) in the Dismantle tab. The fragments which you receive from dismantling those cards can be used to upgrade your equipped ones.

Enhance your gear all the time

The gear is a super important feature which will empower your CP quite a lot. There are some gears which you will receive from quests at the very beginning, but those are some pretty trash Green gears. Just equip them and once you unlock the gear dungeons make sure that you go there and obtain new ones.

Always try to farm for red gears! Those are the best ones out there and they will give you more stats than any other gears. So try to farm the world bosses for those because they have a pretty high chance of dropping decent gears.

Always make sure that you Enhance your gears! This is super important, because the enhancement levels will remain even if you swap gears. So start doing this as soon as you’ve saved up some Coins because enhancing the gears is a real money sink.

Whenever you see a red dot on your bottom right menu it will most likely be the gear enhancement possibility. Tap on that and select Enhance All to quickly add all of the possible enhancements to your gears.

Make all the other necessary upgrade to increase CP

Since there are quite a lot of features, I will compile all of them here in one place and explain what to do in order to upgrade all of them:

Character Upgrades:

Here are quite a few upgrades which you can do, and they will all give you a small CP boost no matter what: Head on to the bottom right menu and select the Character tab. There you will see your Character, and will have other tabs as well – whenever you can upgrade the Realm, Astrolabe, Trump or Arms make sure that you do it because those are pretty rare.

Most often here you will upgrade the Character -> Character -> Achievements which is not a huge boost. The Trump and Astrolabe can be upgraded with items which can be received for free by completing Daily Events, while the Realm can be upgraded with items received from Ghost King (world boss).

Upgrade Miko:

Miko is like your little aid who will fight alongside you. She is a little girl who can be upgraded and can change forms by using Miko Rune Gems from the Miko Dungeon, Store or Special in game Events.

Mount Upgrade:

The mount can be upgraded as well and it will also change forms. In order to obtain items to upgrade your mount you will need to get Mount Rune Gems which can be obtained from the Shop, in game Events or various dungeons and quests (which give this as reward).

Pray to get free EXP and Coins

Every single day you will be able to claim free Coins and EXP by heading on to the Pray menu. There you can make a prayer for free and try your luck at obtaining a ton of EXP and Coins.

If you find yourself in need of a lot of Coins to enhance your gears this is a good way to try and gather a couple thousand extra to make those upgrades. They are free resources, so try to always do this whenever possible.

Always devour the old, trash gear

There are some good uses for the gears which you are not using anymore, and that is devouring it! Head on to your Bag and there you will see on the top side a Gear Devour option which will give you some extra CP for devouring your old equipment.

Make sure that you do this whenever you have some old, unused gears because it will help you clear out your bag and give you CP in the process!

Check the daily Shop offers

There are several offers in the Shop, which you can purchase by using your Blue Jades. Simply head on to the Shop and check them out because some of them can be really super useful! You should consider purchasing the EXP Cat if you want to bot a lot because that will give you 50% More EXP when botting, so that is super useful. Arguably one of the must haves in order to level up fast (and a good use of your Blue Jades too).

Claim Facebook Rewards

If you have a Facebook account then you should consider liking the game’s Facebook page because that will unlock more rewards. The game will have certain milestones (reach certain amounts of Likes on Facebook) and that will give out rewards to all players.

Also, if you share the game on Facebook through the in game Menu -> Facebook -> Share Gift Pack you will receive the Share Gift Pack which is a bag of goodies! You can also send out Invites to receive Invitation Gift Packs for sharing the game with several people.

Log in every day to claim useful rewards

You should log in every single day to the game in order to claim log in rewards. Those can be some super useful rewards, so try to log and claim them daily. Even if you don’t plan on playing the game a particular day, you should still try to just log in and claim the rewards because on the 7th day you can claim a cute Sushi Shiba Inu pet!

These would be all of our Yokai Tamer tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below to be shared with everyone!

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