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Yashiori Island Guide: Genshin Impact Tips and Cheats

Yashiori Island Guide: Genshin Impact Tips and Cheats

When Genshin Impact players first arrive in the Nation of Eternity, they land upon the beautiful Narukumi island. From here, travelers began their journey into the archipelago nation.

In their journey, players will reach Yashiori island, an area connected to Kannazuka by Nazuchi beach. It serves as one of the many proofs showing Electro Archon’s strength. Players can find the giant skeleton of a dead serpent killed by Electro Archon.

Genshin Impact players will learn the lore behind Yashiori island by completing quests. Other than the interesting lore, Yashiori island has a lot more to offer. We have created a quick Yashiori island guide to help you explore the island.

Guide to Yashiori Island in Genshin Impact

Like all other areas, Yashiori Island is also divided into seven subareas:

  • Fort Fujitou
  • Fort Mumei
  • Higi Village
  • Jakotsu Mine
  • Musoujin Gorge
  • Nazuchi Beach
  • Serpent’s Head

Players can find two domains on Yashiori island – Momiji-Dyed Court and Formation Estate. 

Yashiori island

Momiji-Dyed Court is an artifact domain featuring two amazing sets – Shimenawa’s Reminiscence and Emblem of Severed Fate. The other domain, Formation Estate, is a one-time domain that rewards 40 Primogems, 500 EXP, 5 electro sigils, and some other goodies.

Notable enemies

On Yashiori island, Genshin Impact players can find boss monster Maguu Kenki. This monster has appeared multiple times in the last two Abyss floors. If you want to dodge its deadly attacks, visit Yashiori island for some training.

Dodging Maguu Kenki’s attacks need practice

Yashiori island is populated with kairagis and nobushis. You can farm them to get handguards. Moreover, if you have not completed Orobashi’s Legacy quest yet, use rain to your advantage by causing elemental reactions like electro-charged, vaporize, and freeze.

Electroculus in Yashiori Island

Every nation in Genshin Impact features more oculi than the previous ones. In Inazuma, you can find a total of 181 electroculi. Out of these, around 27 electroculi are available on Yashiori Island.

You can use the official Genshin Impact map for locating oculi easily. If you are not a fan of interactive maps, use Electroculus Resonance Stones to find all electroculi.

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Should you complete Orobashi’s Legacy quest?

At first, Yashiori island is enveloped in a thunderstorm which causes rain and random lightning strikes. You can remove the thunderstorm by clearing Orobashi’s Legacy quest. Completing this quest also rewards with a diagram for the Kitain Cross Spear. However, you might want to avoid this quest in Genshin Impact.

Due to thunderstorms, all enemies are affected by wet status. This allows players to cause powerful elemental reactions easily. If you use a Pyro, Cryo, or Electro DPS character, the free wet status will help you kill enemies faster and easier.

But there’s a downside to it as well. Since players are inflicted with wet status, lightning strikes and elemental attacks will cause elemental reactions. In the end, you should consider both pros and cons before completing Orobashi’s Legacy quest.

Yashiori island also features tons of puzzles scattered all over the island. Be sure to explore this island thoroughly to get all the chests.

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Yashiori Island Guide: Genshin Impact Tips and Cheats


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