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Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Battling, Crafting, and Learning

Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Battling, Crafting, and Learning

Ivan the blacksmith just wants to lead an honest, hard-working life. But when his bad luck turns his life upside down one day, he must do everything to restore his life back to normal. Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale is a narrative-focused action RPG based on Slavic folklore.

Fight monsters, help the village out (or just take their riches), and craft new equipment made out of precious minerals. You are in control of Ivan’s decisions, so make each one count – the story will reflect your choices!

In our Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale tips and tricks guide, we will go over the core mechanics of the game and how to survive each day. Let’s get started with our Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to battling, crafting, and learning!

Defending Yourself: Surviving the Battles of Yaga

In Yaga, the battles play out in real time so you must stay on the move in order to survive. When you are first starting out the game, Ivan is relatively weak and cannot survive a few hits before he goes down. Speaking of which, we will go over how the health in this game works.

Ivan has two meters you need to keep track of: his willpower (red bar) and his stamina (yellow bar). Whenever Ivan uses one of his special tools or takes damage, he will lose stamina. If Ivan is out of stamina, he cannot use any of his tools, and if he takes further damage, he will begin to lose willpower.

Stamina will regenerate on its own if Ivan stays out of danger for a few seconds, but willpower must be regenerated by restorative items or by retreating back into the village. If you lose all your stamina, try to take it easy and hang back for a bit.

During the beginning, you may be better off exclusively using the hammer throw ability. Using the blacksmith hammer to melee attack is sluggish and will often get you hit a lot, so it is better to stay at a safe distance and throw your hammer. It does relatively the same amount of damage as melee attacks.

And do not forget about the dodge roll. It is lightning quick and Ivan is completely invincible during it, so use it liberally. You can also cancel any attack animation by dodge rolling, so if you see an attack coming your way, be sure to evade in time!

The Blacksmith’s Hammer: Crafting 101

Ivan can put his blacksmithing skills to the test at the forge inside his house or when he finds one while traveling. Ivan uses one of his original items as a blueprint, then creates an improved version of that item.

Simply select the blueprint, then add an ore into the mix. Each type of ore has a different effect on the base item, so experiment and see what you like. For example, using a copper ore on the hammer will make it swing faster, while a bronze ore increases its throwing range.

Additionally, you can infuse certain enchantment into items for additional effects, but you must upgrade the anvil first. The anvil can be upgraded in three different ways: enhancements, salvage, and runes.

Enhancements allow Ivan to use additional materials to imbue his equipment with special effects. Getting all of the enhancement upgrades allows Ivan to use up to three items for special enhancements on his gear. Each item has a singular effect, and not all items can be used on every single piece of gear.

Salvage upgrades allow Ivan a better chance of recovering enhancement materials whenever he salvages old gear. The final upgrade greatly increases his chances.

The rune carving upgrade gives a chance to receive a blessing from the God of your choosing whenever you create a piece of gear. God blessing are very powerful but beware of the passive bad luck generation from them.

Lady Luck: Managing Bad Luck and Likho’s Effects

Ivan is known for having bad luck following him wherever he goes. The Tzar is aware of this and makes it a point to use Ivan’s bad luck against him. It is not just a myth: Ivan is constantly stalked by Likho due to his bad luck.

Performing certain actions will increase Ivan’s bad luck. The purple bar below his two main health bars shows his luck. Here are a few ways that bad luck can increase:

  • Choosing malicious dialogue options during events
  • Choosing dialogue options that are the opposite of Ivan’s main personality
  • Using magic items, including restorative items like bread
  • Receiving a blessing, which increases bad luck gradually over time

As Ivan’s bad luck increases, Likho will get closer and closer to finding him. The game will warn you at this point. When bad luck reaches critical mass, Likho will manifest in spirit form behind Ivan, and perform several misdeeds. She can either:

  • Rob you of your kopeks
  • Destroys one of your crafted weapons
  • Destroys all of your talismans

These effects can be pretty bad, especially if you have just created a really powerful weapon and it just suddenly breaks. You can use certain items like the five-leaf clover and talismans to lower your bad luck or get rid of it completely. Be sure to keep some kind of back up item with you so that you are not completely blindsided.

If you know that your bad luck is about to cap out and you have no way of getting rid of it, you can try mitigating some of the damage. You can breakdown your crafted weapons to salvage the materials, sell your talismans for kopeks, and spend the kopeks on materials as she cannot touch those.

Ivan Learns: Leveling Up for Perks

The white bar beneath the bad luck bar is the experience meter. Ivan receives experience whenever he completes quests or takes down monsters and enemies. When his experience bar is full, Ivan can choose a permanent perk from the fates that increases his performance.

Some perks are situational, like being more effect against unclear monsters. And then there are perks that work in any situation, like permanently increasing Ivan’s health. You will receive the perk whenever you head back into the village.

Your perk selection is directly derived from your personality type, so depending on whether you have been righteous or selfish or so on, your perks will change accordingly. If you do not like your selection, it might be helpful to start turning over a new leaf.

You Are Ivan: Personality Types and Consequences

Not only will you help Ivan on his quest, but you will essentially become him as you get to influence how he interacts with the world and its inhabitants. Dialogue options will show Ivan’s portrait change, and that option will influence his personality growth.

  • Yellow portrait with Ivan looking upward: Righteous
  • Blue portrait with a silly looking Ivan: Foolish
  • Green portrait with Ivan holding a ruby: Selfish
  • Red portrait with an angry Ivan: Aggressive

The game will keep a running tally of how many times you chose a specific personality option. The type that has the most picks is considered your main trait, and Ivan’s overall personality.

As we mentioned before, this influences your choice of perks, but it also alters how the quests and stories play out. A righteous Ivan may help out a lot of and bring joy to others, but he is more likely to be fooled by those preying on people like him. A selfish Ivan can easily rack up the kopeks, and we will be able to buy just about anything he wants, but people might not be willing to help him in the future.

You can choose any option you see fit, but beware of the consequences. Villagers, people, and other entities will react to your choices, and in some cases this may put you in a bad situation.

Try to stick to your personality once you have decided. If you choose options that are the opposite of you (i.e. a righteous Ivan suddenly being selfish), you will gain a significant amount of bad luck. The story will alter as well. How many different paths and outcomes can you find?

That’s all we have on Yaga The Roeplaying Folktale for now. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Battling, Crafting, and Learning


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