With XCOM: Enemy Unknown just launched for iPhone and iPad, I am sure that many of you are fighting the alien scum in their quest to save the earth from the invasion. In order to succeed, sending the right soldiers into battle might be the difference between a failed mission and one that you won. So let’s debate below what is the best squad setup for XCOM Enemy Unknown.

Before I get to share with you my preferred squad setup for XCOM Enemy Unknown when I play it on my iPad, let me make one thing clear: my play style, which is on the safe side with a focus on minimizing the casualties, might not be suitable with how you play. But I do think that this is the best squad setup so you might want to give it a try:

2 Snipers, 1 Heavy, 2 Support, 1 Assault

This is, of course, a generic squad setup: the snipers are simply killing machines. They will eventually get so skilled that they will rarely miss a shot and they should be the easiest to keep alive, back away from the heat of the battle.

I usually use the Assault’s ability to get aliens out of cover – so use the Assault first! – so that the snipers can handle the rest. In tight spaces though, their gung ho mentality is really solid and can cause a ton of damage. It’s all about adapting to the map and situation!

I carry the Heavy around for his Rocket launcher and grenades, to be honest. They can rarely make a regular shot and I need people who can take Aliens down. But when they’re all packed together, grenades and Rocket Launchers save the day.

Finally, the Support units. Some might find it strange that I go with 2 Support, but they are life savers: usually, I have one trained to cure people and one to throw smoke grenades. This way, we’re always covered and the snipers can do their job. Support units also shoot pretty well so they are, in my opinion, great all-round players!

This setup is not the one I always use as, just like I said earlier, you have to adapt to the situation. Keep rotating soldiers and have them get experience, but always make sure that you have vets alongside because you need them especially later in the game.

Let’s discuss below what squad setup you think is best for XCOM Enemy Unknown for iPhone and iPad!


  1. Abduction/Crash Site : 3 assault, 1 sniper, 1 support, 1 heavy.
    This works best for me with sniper in high overwatch pos with squad sight and clear los. The shooters go in two man teams but not so far apart that they cant overlap fire or breach together. With one arc thrower per team, using one move and ending in overwatch. Upgrade weapons and gear asap.

    Heavy Metal: 3 heavy, 3 assault. (((high risk))))
    When you absolutley need to blow something up… rockets and gernades all around. I use this sometimes on urban maps with cars etc. When I don’t need to bring artifacts home or feel the need to annoy the scientist lady.. Two man groups .

    Random: Mix depending on need of op/ao


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